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A new TCS House Cat!

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Congratulations Gayef - Our new TCS House Cat and moderator of the behavior forum!

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Congrats Gayef .....

::bl obgreen:::blob red:::b lobblue::::blo bpurpl
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I look foward to posting in the wrong place and having you move my post
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Gayef; You will be an excellent Moderator. EXCELLENT!
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Anne, *blush* Thank you, thank you...

Amanda, I am gonna have to take some lessons from you guys on how to put all those neat little jumping-around-thingies in my messages! That is so colorful and COOL!

LOL@AP - And I consider it an honor and a priviledge to move your misplaced posts, my dear! *grin*

3LC - Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Blue - Thanks! I think Anne is sending you some email - after you get it, contact me...

You guys really know how to make a body feel welcomed...thanks!

Gaye and The Gang at Rosehaven Farm
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Gaye.....thanks for joining the mod squad....LOL

I know you will love being a moderator!!!!

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Way to go girl!!!!

P.S. Loved your post about the name confusion! LOL

Good luck in your new "job"
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Congratulations to you too Gayef! Woo hoo! New mod's everywhere - that's got to be a big help to Anne!
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I just thought of something; we can call you guys "THE MOD SQUAD"

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