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Kitty Bath Time Stories!

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My kittens really needed a good shampooing so I finally convinced my husband to help me give them a bath. Hehehehe... it was 'fun'.
Angel, the little darling girl, kept meowing over and over and over so pitifully as my husband held her down by the scruff of her neck to keep her from clawing him in the tub. She turns into a little devil! She fussed so much that the whole ordeal took twice as long to shampoo and rinse! And then after, we wrapped her up in a towel to 1., keep her from clawing us and escaping soaking wet and 2., to get her short coat dry as quick as we can.
Tiger, the good little boy, was a different story. He meowed only once as he looked up at his daddy before we put him in the tub. And then, he just sat there in the 2 inches of water as both of us soaped him up and rinsed him. He didn't take long at all because he didn't struggle or try to get out. And even drying him was easy! He would sit up and lick himself on the carpet as his daddy toweled his long hair dry.
I was even smart enough to turn up the temperature in the house to 80 degrees because both of them were slightly shivering. I don't have a hair dryer and most likely our little scaredy cats wouldn't get near it if I did have one!
Omg, they were so funny once we let them loose after a good towel drying! There's just something about watching a kitten twitch its legs to get a few flicks of water off that's so funny! But after they were mostly dry, they started going nuts, chasing each other and anything like they had gotten caffeine in their system! We even have a paper grocery bag for them to play with that they were going in and out of!

So, how do you all handle your kitties bath times?
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Twitch & Lily just stand in the sink. Damita fights for her life, but can't see what's going on. Ophelia likes to grasp your arms very firmly with her claws. Molly's only had 2 baths & she's too scared to move much. And Dorky fish.....well....he lives up to his name!
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Dorky fish? Is it safe to ask why he got such a name?
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Perhaps. His real name is Dorian Grey, but he's a Dorky. Well, I also call him Dory(as is Finding Nemo fish)....well Dorky....+ Dory Fish...evolved to Dorky Fish!
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My bath stories are boring. I'm so used to washing kitties that its not a problem with any cat I've owned. I start them as kittens. I've only had a few cats that didn't really enjoy washing and they would not get baths often. My first cat, Mitten was terrified of water, so he was washed in a different way for shows.

Charlie's first bath was in the sink and he didn't like it at all. But now he gets washed in the tub and is really good - he likes playing in it sometimes and now cries when the water is drained and I'm taking him out to dry
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
My bath stories are boring.
Mine too Demetri is bathed before shows, so about every 2 weeks he's so used to it he really doesn't care.
Easy to towel off then put in a room to dry away from the other cats, if they get near him they lick his furr in the wrong directions Once dry he's released back into the population.
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Awhile back, we suspected Dylan of having a UTI, so we took him to our favorite vet, who is about a 30-minute drive away. Dylan was good as gold, as always, but it was such a long time away from home... and he finally had to piddle just as I brought his carrier into the house.

But I didn't know it.

So when I opened the carrier on the kitchen table, poor Dylan came bounding out across the kitchen, through the living room, down the hall, and under my bed -- with his whole underside completely soaked. We could see droplets flying off him as he ran! AUGH!

I had no choice -- I had to go drag him out from under the bed, take him into the bathtub, and start the shower. Now, Dylan is a big boy -- at that time, almost 19 pounds of shorthaired blue tabby, and we'd forgotten to ask the vet to trim his claws for us. So I'm standing fully-dressed in the shower, struggling to hold Dylan out away from the water until I get it warm enough, and he's flailing desperately and drawing blood with every swat, and Mom is yelling in the hall about Oh my god there's piddle EVERYWHERE, and I'm yelling back at her to close the bathroom door for me in case Dylan gets away before I can get him clean and dry...

Well, you can imagine.

I managed to get Dylan reasonably well rinsed, but my mom was so busy cleaning the carpet that she never did catch my plea to close the door, so as I tried to step out of the tub, Dylan made his escape. So then, bleeding from the scratches and dripping wet from the shower, I had to crawl around my bedroom trying to get a towel around Dylan so he wouldn't freeze.

The amazing thing is that good ol' Dylan forgave me not ten minutes later, when I brought him some warm KMR. He's a wonderful kitty.

Anyway, I noticed recently that there's a place right near us that provides proper pet-washing tubs and harness hooks and so forth to make it easier... and even has someone there to do it for you if you prefer.

I think I prefer.
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My big brute of a boy, Mayhem, was a 25lb maine coon... a BIG boy.

Well, he had fleas. We couldn't find any on him, but you could just feel the sandyness of all the flea dirt... and into the tub he went.

It was his first bath ever and he was NOT happy about it, as I'm sure you can imagine Somewhere in the middle of the bath he decided he had enough and climbed up my arm and dug his claws into my back right next to my spine. It was around this time that I realized I hadn't cut his claws in a while.. he had dug them in so deeply that when he started to slide back down my arm, he took quite the pawful of my skin with him.

The cuts were quite deep and ran from my spine across the right side of my back to my shoulder and then down my arm. Mom and I debated about going to the hospital for stitches (just on the part near my spine, the rest weren't as deep).. but I opted instead for rubbing alcohol (OW OW OW!!!), neosporin and lots of gauze.

As you can imagine, I haven't really given many cat baths since. I'm not so much in the mood for more scars

That boy always lived up to his name that's for sure!
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Buffy and Willow are both terrified, and Buffy will scream and scream and scream. Willow, being such a quiet girl, might mewl once or twice, but she'll keep scrabbling for the walls of the tub. You know how terrified she is when she pees in the water. Makes me feel bad for laughing at how skinny and pathetic she looks when she's wet.

With Molly, I have yet to find out. I tried once, but I got as far as dousing her with water before she teleported to the back of my neck, between the shoulderblades. I've blacked out the memory, but I do believe she HAULED herself up my body, all 11 pounds of her, to get to my back. I haven't tried it since, and she doesn't want me to so she stays clean all by her big-girl self

The most amusing incident with bathing was once, a couple of years ago, when I bathed Willow. By the end of the session, I had water splattered everywhere, a layer of water all over the whole bathroom floor, the showerhead had been ripped off the wall and was spooled in the bathtub, the window screen had been smashed out (and when that happened, Willow was THIS close to falling outside). I remember I had scratches too, and I remember counting them, but I don't remember the exact amount (I think it was something like 13 scratches). And even with all that, I still hadn't finished rinsing off the shampoo, so we had to finish in the bathroom sink. I say "we" because I had to force my sister to come in and help me, before I screamed bloody murder, lol
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