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trouble again

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ahh this is awful. okay earlier i posted a question about my kitten and her ear mites, which we are in the process of treating. she is about 3 months old and today when i was petting her i felt hard bumps on her skin. they turned out to be scabs and dead skin. and they are only on her head and neck. and i noticed them on the back of her ears. i'm really worried and concerned that they might have something to do with the black ashyness on the tips of her ears. does anybody have any idea what this is, and if there is any over the counter medicine for it?
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Cats can get really rough with their scratching when they have ear mites, that's likely what any scabs around her ears are from.
Did you get ear mite medicine from the vet or are you using an OTC one? If using an OTC - OTC's are not always the best choice... while some cats may be fine, others have bad reactions. I worry especially since she's a young kitten that any chemicals in an OTC might be a bit strong.

Your other post mentioned that she has some snot coming out her nose? Whether a reaction from whatever you've used or a possible cold, it's best to take your kitten to the vet.
I have no idea what the ear tips would be from, unless related to the scratching, again a vet would be better able to help.
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I agree, go to the vet, he's the best one to make a diagnosis & clear up what's wrong with your little one.
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thank you. i made a vet appointment with my mom earlier today. we should be seeing him around tuesday. i hope she will be fine. poor baby.
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As I said in your other thread, I would be trying to get her to the vet before Tuesday.
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