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Your opinions?

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Ok, seeing another thread made me wonder something...lol..

I have had Ella Mae for a month or so now, and have always thought she *might* have maine coon in here, but wasnt sure. Im going to let you all see and tell me what ya think.

If shes not maine coon, what does she look like??

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More Nowegian than Maine Coon to my thinking! A sweet Brown Tabby white DLH though!
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I don't know, but she is very pretty
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Remember Maine Coons came from the domestic population. So there are a lot of domestic longhairs that resemble Maine Coons. Your kitten is not a Maine Coon but you could say she is a Maine Coon look-a-like.
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The head shape and coat look a little more like a Norweigan Forest Cat then Maine Coon - but it could be either in the backgroud. She is pretty
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Maine Coons have a rather square muzzle, Norweigans are triangular, and Siberians round/circular. I know it's pretty reductive, but you can use these shapes to decide what breed best resembles your longhaired cat.
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