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Congratulations Taurus77

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Taurus77 is the winner of the July Picture Contest -

A cool kitty package Courtesy of Pat from!
1 Yeowww! Hearrrt Attack - Can't Break This Heart, 1 Palmetto Beds and Bags Heart Shaped Mat, 1 Catnip Tea by Pet Buddies, 1 Honeysuckle Cushion, 1 IcelandPet Trout Pate, 1 Pawprints Booktin by Pearhead, and 1 Wildside Salmon 1.5 oz. resealable pouch.

Here's one more look at the winning picture -

Let me just repeat once more what has been said in this thread countless times - these were allamazing entries! Thank you all for participating!

If you want one more look at the pics - click here
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Hooray I thought Taurus77's was great - gave me a good giggle!!!!! They were definitely all fabulous pics - great job guys!!
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Congratulations!!! Great job!
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Congratulations, Taurus! And all the others, too -- we have such a lot of creative people here!
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And such a great idea for a contest! Congrats Taurus77 and Spot!
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Congratulations! Great picture!
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Congrats for sure!!
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Spot wants me to thank (and I quote) "all his supporters and fans." (He's already letting this go to his head )

I thank you for your votes--it was a close one and LOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSs of Wonderful entries! I am very surprised to win (I don't win anything) and very proud of My Spot, even with a growing ego.
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Congrats my friend!......

Milky would like to have his own "lounge" like Spot!....

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Spot is now a superstar.

Congratulations to all the creative members who entered the contest.
You are all winners.
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Congratulations! I must admit I voted for this photo. I have a soft spot (pun not really intended) for fluffy white butts!
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Congrats! Great pic and a very cute kitty!
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Congrats Taurus77!! That was brilliant!

Although now I'm wondering what you're indicating when about the Cat Lounge and what we talk about in here
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Ha Ha Ha!! Oops--didn't mean that!! ROFL!!!
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