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Help with matting problem

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My co-worker has a long-haired cat who is getting mats on the sides his face. First, any advice on how she can work on getting those out? He doesn't like getting brushed, but she can tell they are starting to bother him. I did tell her of the risk of skin ulcers if the mats get bad enough, so she said if she can't get them out herself she will take him to a groomer if necessary. Also, any advice on getting him to accept being groomed so this doesn't happen again?

Also, in an old thread, someone suggested putting cod liver oil on the cat's food to help avoid future mats (I believe it was Mary Anne). Problem is Happy Boy (her cat) has zero tolerance of anything fish. Are there any other oils/products that she could give him to help in the future? She also has a younger cat, short haired so no matting problems - would there be any problems if the kitten ate the oil?

Thanks in advance!
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The best way to remove the mats before they start becoming a problem- and they sound like they already are- is to buy a good pair of bandage scissors and cut them off. You need the bandage scissors because of the one blunt edge, so you don't cut the cat.

Our sponsor Royal Canin makes two different blends of food that will help as well. You can click on their banner above and read their product line information. The one blend for Persian cats would work well and there is another blend that will help.

Other than a professinal grooming visit, this is all I can suggest.
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gently pull the mat apart from the bottom up. This spreads out the hairs and untangles them enough to comb out. Sometimes a little corn starch will help.If it is still too matted to comb out, try combing out the edges pulling away from the mat. This should remove the less tangled hairs, and leave the center of the mat with less of an anchor to the skin. Once it is down to just a few hairs it should pull out easily.
The best way to groom a fussy cat is to it a little each day. I groom after they have their breakfast and the tummys are full. If you have a time that is just cuddle time, bring the comb! If you start with less matted areas and only work the mat a little each session, it will be alot less stressful to you and your kitty. If the cat struggles to escape, let go! Keep it positive and give treats when done!
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here's a trick a groomer friend of mine showed me (and I use when I need to at work) use a U-shaped letter opener to cut through the mat, then comb out. You can also get dematting sprays that work wonders... if you need any info, let me know!
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