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Question for the runners

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Hey all, I've recently taken up running (like a week ago). I am 5'6 and 125 lbs, but have a fat butt and want to lose it. There are also a lot of health problems in my family, so I'm trying to not die before I'm 30.

I'm just wearing my old Fila's for the moment, until I'm sure I'll stick with it (I'm fickle). So far I am really really enjoying it (and so is Butters!).

However, 90% of the time when I run, I get a rather severe cramp in my lower left side, right above ovary height. It's severe to the point that I can't run through it, and have to cut my run shorter than I would like. It eases off a tad when I slow to a walk, but takes a good 20 min anyway to go away. It is always excruciating to touch, so trying to massage it out is NOT an option.

Any suggestions of what might be causing this? Improper form, breathing, dehydrated, etc? Anything? I'm open to any and all suggestions!

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I think you are getting what is called a stitch. It is caused by lack of oxygen or dehydration. If you just started running you should take things slow at first and then gradually run longer and or faster.
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it's a side stitch....it's just because you're not in the best shape....it will start to go away with time and improved physical condition nothing to worry over. just make sure you're well hydrated when you run, that you stretch properly before and after running and do a proper warm up and cool down. If you get another side stitch- keep running...just slow your pace down a little bit and run through it.

do make sure that you have your physicians approval before starting any exercise program (running/etc) if you have any health conditions though as another exercise routine might be a better option/etc. Good luck hon!!

oh yea, be sure when you breathe that you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and do NOT suck your stomach in - it restricts the flow of air to your diaphram. when you inhale your belly should stick out a bit and when you exhale it should go in (think of a little baby and how they breathe.)
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Make sure you're getting enough potassium. Eat a few bananas every week, and do a few exercises to try to tighten up the abdomen (like crunches, or sit-ups). Side stitches are basically cramps, but it's caused by your organs tugging on your diaphragm when you bounce while you run. If you can tighten up your abdomen so your organs are held a little more tightly, it should reduce it from happening, and extra potassium will prevent cramps in general.

edit: oh yeah, forgot to mention. You can also try and run on an indoor track (the kind with the rubbery surface) if you have access to one, or on grass or sand, or get more cushy running shoes to try and mitigate the landing shock.
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