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Broken Tooth

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Last night my roommate accidentally dropped my 14 yr old cat, who apparently hit herself on a chair which resulted in her having weird movements with her mouth, like something was stuck in there. I opened her mouth up and saw her fang on the right was now diagonal instad of vertical. I pushed it over to make it straight again and she stopped making weird movements....can't tell if it's broken at the base or what, but it seems loose; there seemed to be little or no blood. We are taking her to the vet tomorrow ( we couldn't get an earlier appointment). I am wondering if she loses this tooth are there any major problems that could be caused? She is strictly indoors and we generally feed her soft raw meat with water added...no dry food.

Any info is appreciated.
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Sorry to hear about your kitty

I don't have any advice, just hugs
Good luck at the vet, and please keep us updated
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Odo's had several teeth pulled (he's 15) and only has one fang remaining. Other than looking a little funny and being unable to bite me very hard, he doesn't have any problems with the lack of teeth. I've known of other cats who don't have any remaining teeth, and they do just fine (they eat canned food). I would think that if you're feeding him raw meat, just make sure the pieces are small enough that he can chew them with his molars but won't have to rip at them with his fangs. If the tooth is left in, it can actually cause more harm than good as it can allow bacteria into the bloodstream.

As for the procedure itself, find out what anesthetic agents your vet will be using. Propofol and isoflurane or sevoflurane are good. If the vet is using ketamine, find another vet (ketamine is hard on the kidneys, particularly in older cats). Also find out what pain medicine will be provided. Metacam is also hard on the kidneys and should be avoided-Buprenorphine is better.
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