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Look at this kitten! Her name is Little Bit, and she belongs to a cat named Annie that lives in the bushes outside my mom's office. My mom has been taking care of her for a while and taking care of the many litters of kitten she's had. My mom has tried constantly to trap the cat so that she can spay it, but she can't get the cat to go in the trap, even when she's not around.

I just think this kitten has the most beautiful face! I told my mom I wanted it but I already have 2 cats and someone else already wants it.

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She's cute! At least she'll get a home and get spayed!
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I was just stunned at the way her face is split like that, so pretty!

Yeah, I'm glad she has a home too... my boyfriend, who doesn't even live with me, jokingly tells me that I'm not allowed to get anymore cats. Hey, I only have 2!
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That is cool. She's a little beauty.
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She is very pretty.
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She reminds me so much of my Lucy. I love the way torties seem to split down the middle. (Maybe that's why they have the "tortietude")
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Aww... what a cutie! She reminds me of beandip's Pixel (she's the second kitty down). It's no wonder she's already been snatched up.
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She's stunning! Bless your mum for looking after Annie and her litters I hope she can finally trap her to get her spayed
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