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Sharing Party Ideas

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Hi All
I would like to share with you a Birthday Party I had for my daughter. She is a hugh Boston Red Sox fan and goes to the game.

Her B-day was coming up so I decided to throw a Red Sox theme party. I have a big yard so I rented a tent decorated it in the Red Sox theme colors also rented a popcorn machine and had a DJ the party didn't start till 4pm so having the DJ turned out great. I found on line these red beaded necklaces hanging from them were flat baseballs so I had the guest write whatever they wanted and wear them I also found hand held baseball fans in case it was warm and to take with them. Bought a Red Sox shirt similar to what the players wear and had all 50 guests sign Birthday Wishes for her to keep. We had ball park food but I must say I added a lot more to the buffet guest seem to enjoy. Oh yea had bought big bags of peanuts put them in clear smaller bags and printed out team players with funny sayings on them. Can't forget the mini Babe Ruth candies I had added to the tables in cute Red Sox baseball bowls. I also found Red Sox chip & dip plates and platters they came in handy. I designed the Invitations (Proud of Me...LOL) for a added touch I had colored sparkles which we lite right after we did my daughters b-day cake guest love it.

Now I would love to hear your Ideas . Sorry if this is to long.
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You could buy those picture frames that people can sign and put a picture of her in it from some game that she went to or dressed up in the fan gear or anything! They're great for treasuring and sharing.
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I decided to do the Red Sox Shirt the one that the players wear I wanted something different .

When I did the Invitation I used the Original Fenway ball park she had played ball just a month before the picture I had was her at bat (perfect) so I placed her pic inside the field up to bat.

Thanks for your Ideas
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