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Ear mites?

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Hi all, this is my first post on this system.
My history with cats is complex, but right now I have two sibling, un-neautared male and female kittens (they will be fixed in 2 weeks) and a fixed, loving 6-year-old male kitten-at-heart.
Of late I realized they are all shaking their heads a lot, especially the oldest one. Upon inspection, Stripe, the oldest, apeared to be bleeding fromt the ears! Scared the crap out of me!
The kittens arn't bleeding, but have brown/black deposits deep in their ears.
Stripe perdiocially licks their ears for them (isn't he sweet?)
I discovered this on Chirstmas day.
Now I'm only 16, so it's my parents descision. We arn't rich, or poor, yet at the moment we certainly don't have enough money to send them to the vet. Friends of Animals will pay for their neutering.
My mother bought ear-mite ear drops, but I've just recently read that it's possible this could make whatever other problems it could be worse.
But I've all ready started treating them (What a mess!)

Should I stop? Is it all right if I wait a few weeks to take them to a vet instead of treating them myself now?

Also, I am getting the kittens, and Stripe, their shots next week. Will the vets who give them their shots be able to determine what I need to know? Would they be willing?
Therefore, should I wait until a week from now or treat them?

I understand that in the end this is my parents decision, but it would be very nice to get a secound opinion from anybody who has a clue what I'm talking about.

-Sarah of Borg
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I would continue treating them. The hardest part is keeping the drops in the ear!LOL I'm sure you know that by now. You could also try moistening a cotton ball with baby oil and wiping away as much of the gunk as you can before giving them the drops. This way the meds get to more of the skin areas and less on the gunk! Make sure to throw all the used cotton balls outside in the garbage. Mites can travel and could re-infest the kitties. You will have to treat ALL the cats to get rid of it, so no fair skipping any!
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