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6 pawed cat put down...

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My friend Sarah told me about a little 6 week old kitten that darted into the road and under their car last weekend. It jumped up into the engine, and they had to pull off the road and get a small boy to crawl underneath and get it. When they were examining it to see if it was physically hurt, they noticed that where its thumbs were on its front paws, it had two more paws growing out. They took it to the emergency clinic, and they asked if they wanted to adopt it. They can't, so they said no, and the clinic asked if they wanted to euthanize it, and they said no. The receptionist told them that the humane society was open, but this kitten needed medical care. Then the receptionist saw the paws and said, oh, we get those here sometimes. My friend said she is pretty sure they were going to put it down. Is this extra paw thing something that causes fatal health problems, or is this clinic just horrible for not treating an animal that was homeless?
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Do you mean extra paws or extra digits like this... Im wondering if it is a polydactyl. If its a poly there is no evidence that they are prone to health issues....

Is this what it's paws kind of looked like?

This is my cat tiger...

Sorry, just trying to figure out what this kitties paws were like!!!

I hope kitty finds a new home, that is a horrible story (experience) that the kitty went threw... Im wishing the best for him!
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Well, unfortunately I didn't get to see the kitten, but she said it had extra paws. But, it's right where your cat's extra digits are, so maybe that's what she meant. He's cute BTW! Makes me want to get home to my guys and hug them!

Anyway, I guess what I'm wondering is why the clinic would put a cat down just because it doesn't have a home? I know it's somewhat rhetorical... because I know that happens all the time.
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Because of overpopulation or because they deem the cats unadoptable (either for behavioral issues or age)... Its sad, I know... Im almost positive that kitty was a polydactly that had extra digits not full on paws, Ive never heard of paws growing upon paws, but I guess anything could be possible
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It's been known to happen, but usually there's no health problems involved. The cat just has a lot more toes than usual.
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Here is a link on polydactyl cats....
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Once when I was in science class as a freshmen in high school I learned through a newspapr about a dumped orange tabby kitten that had 46 toes in all! feet were so big they looked like mini pillows

Has happy ending though, he becomes a offical bartender kitty at an alleyway nightclub or beer joint
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indeed, that was surely it. Poor misunderstood kitty

When I was a teen and first moved into my first apartment we had a cat named Mutant Kitty. He was the SWEETEST kitty EVER! He had 8 toes on all 4 paws he had short fur on his body but a fluffy tail like a maine coon and had fluffy fur on his head like a lions maine, had one blue eye and one brown eye, he was light grey and dark grey tabbyish. He passed away at 5 from kidney failure. He was the most unique and PERFECT kitty ever made, JUST for me
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