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i think momma kitty may be in trouble

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This one was going to be fixed but got pregnant to fast. This will be her fourth litter and she has never had any problems. Usually she pops them out pretty fast. She lost her mucas plug at 6pm last night and had two of them before I went to bed at midnight. This morning we woke up to 1 more (pretty fresh still). for the first few hours she didn't appear to be having any contractions although she clearly was not done. There is at least 1 more in there, maybe 2.. She left her kittens and walked around my office restlessly. Then I saw her crouch in the corner and have a contraction. That was at 11am. She is back with her kittens now and has still not had another one. Her contractions appear to be getting stronger and stronger and closer together. It doesn't usually take this long with her. When do you think i should take her to the vet?
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i definatley would give the vet a call and ask thier opinion... they might want to see her now.
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grrrr, she got up and hid somewhere when i wasn't looking. She hid good too, i can't find her anywhere.
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She might be having another. That's why is so important to confine them to a cage or one room and not letting them walk around the entire house. Keep looking - if she's somewhere you can't get to and is in trouble delivering you might be looking at bottle feeding newborn kittens!
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i had her shut up in the bathroom but when i saw her curled up with the kittens i didn't think she would go anywhere else. She was under the bed in the back bedroom. The contractions stopped and the baby was not in the birth canal, I could still feel it. I took her to the vet and he says the baby feels unusually large and he is going to do a C section.
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i hope everything is ok with mamma, please update us when you can.
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Momma is doing well. He spayed her while he was at it so thats one less I have to worry about. The last kitten was badly deformed and dead on arrival. The vet said it wasn't even recognizable as a kitten. He also said there was no fluid in the sack so he wasn't really sure when it had died.

I have a female that always seems to have milk and has a habit of playing nurse maid to "any kitten" she comes across and I put her in with the babies for the night. Momma is doing well this morning and resumed her mommy duties.
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Sorry about the last kitten - but I'm glad you got her to the vet in time and she's spayed now.

And very glad you have another cat to nurse the kittens. Post pictures when you can
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