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What do you think?

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Marcie is a generally healthy cat except for the occasional worm issue. She is an incredibly spoiled indoor cat with a healthy diet. There is one issue though. Ever since we got her (almost a year ago) her left eye has watered...almost like mine do with allergies. Her initial vet (I have found a waaaay better vet) treated her for conjuctivitis. The redness in her eye went away but it continued to water. The vet didn't think that it was a big deal, so I just let it go, occasionally dabbing her with a tissue (like a mom and a child...awww ) until last week I dabbed and skin and hair came with the wetness. Oops...time for a vet visit to the new vet...we can't be having open sores...The new vet (whom I think is pretty darn good) did all sorts of tests on her, checking for herpes, fungus, etc... She also put dye in Marcie's eye to see if Marcie's tear duct was functiong wasn't. Marcie was prescribed some antibiotic drops for her eye and the sore under her eye. The vet said to call if it didn't clear up in a week. Well, after a week, the sore was better, but Marcie's eye still it wasn't the drops...eight hours after putting a drop in, her eye would still be wet. I called the vet and Marcie goes in tonight to get her tear duct flushed out. Now if the duct is just clogged, this procedure should work, if the duct isn't fully formed, then the procedure will have no effect. The vet said that if this procedure doesn't work, then the next step would be to go to a specialist. That is the heart of the problem though....With a specialist, the prices skyrocket...hubby and I are not up for that sort of expense when we don't believe that this is really *that* major of a problem...we are hoping that if the procedure doesn't work, that we can *manage* this problem without causing Marcie harm and without going to a specialist who will promptly drain our savings....What would you do?

PS....sorry for such a long post
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I would suspect allergies ... does it get worse at a time of yr??? what food is she eating ?? brand and type??
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I haven't noticed a pattern when her eyes water...

Her food is a meow mix pouch in the morning and then Brandon Farms Organic dry food in the evening. It doesn't have wheat, corn, or soy...
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Can you link the ingrediants for the dry ??? I suspect a fish allergy
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I never have been able to find much about that food online. It is mentioned on the pet food list, but Never found any ingredients list. I do not recall fish being one of the ingredients. Could this also be litter related? It would be nice to find the cause of the watering eye, but the clogged tear duct issue worries me also...
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could be what litter are you using...

FISH is a MAIN ingrediant in all MM pouches and tubs
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Marcie looooves her Meow Mix pouches...she can be very grumpy in the morning until she recieves her wet food. I have noticed that all but one or two flavors are fish.
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As far as litter, I change about every two weeks until I find the *perfect* like that will ever happen...mostly clumping litter though.
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read all the labels"_
they all start with fish "_

I would try something like feline pine scoopable
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My cat Veeshan has a clogged tear duct. My vet gave me eye drops to help but otherwise I just leave it alone. It is not as bad as it was a few months ago. I just wipe her eye every now and then.
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