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ok, thats your opinion on the Cons of declawing, and since i hope this site is unbiased and users are able to express their thoughts, here are mine: Arthritis, spinal problems, balance issues, come with many cats, as well as many OTHER animals, as they age, regardless of whether ot not they have been declawed. I should know, i've had 8 cats growing up, it happens to the best of them. So i hope other readers can read this and know that yes, there are a lot of descisions to make in this matter, but choose the one thats best for you, and by all means, if you choose to declaw your cat, shut your mouth and don't write about it on this site or you will have to suffer the wrath of hissy. I will no longer be corresponding on this website.
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Originally posted by MoganBee
So i hope other readers can read this and know that yes, there are a lot of descisions to make in this matter, but choose the one thats best for you...
ROTFL!!! That right there says it all for me. ha ha

It's a well known fact or recommendation, that people should choose pets by what suits them and their families life style. For anyone who has to declaw a cat, it is OBVIOUS, that a cat is NOT the COMPANION for them.

You miss the point, that declawing is never done for the good of a cat, but purely for your PLEASURE, which means you get pleasure out of harming animals... ok I'll stop now or I'll just go off (no... this is not me going off, least not yet.)
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Shouldn't a responsible cat owner choose what is best for the CAT?
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You think I gave you my wrath? I speak from experience, not from anger. Perhaps frustration as this subject crops up on these forums a lot, and usually after the fact.

I have a dear friend who only rescues declawed cats (from shelters) She has 16 and she has her hands full dealing with the behavior problems that landed them all in the shelters in the first place. Interestingly, she had a hard time finding an insurance company that would adequately insure her home because of the opinion that declawed cats destroy more furniture than clawed ones (by peeing and biting and such) But Louise, bless her heart just keeps going to shelters and getting more cats. She has a huge enclosure built for them off her house, so they can go outside and stay safe. She has three that I gave her that I rescued over the years and she has nothing in her home they can jump up on, no cat trees etc- in keeping with letting them grow old without any spinal problems.

So I am sorry you let me run you off this board. The majority of this board is anti-declaw, and there is a reason that declawing is illegal in most countries. Just not in the United States, because it is a money-maker for vets. Though, if they thought about it and instead sold Soft Paws, they would make a lot more money and have happier clients.
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