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Thanks! And Pictures!!

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Thanks for your warm welcome ..... Chelli and I appreciate it! I thought you might like to see some pictures of my "handsome fur-kid" so here they are!


Caryn and Chelli
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wow, Chelli is gorgeous! those pictures are beautiful Caryn!

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Yes I must agree you have a beautiful kitty and you are very good with the camera.
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Oh, he is wonderful. I'm so partial to Siamese.

That's what I started out to get and ended up with Simba who is Siamese/Himalayan cross. The breeder was trying to find a home for him because he was a cross and I lost my heart to him. My husband kept saying, "Honey, are you sure that's the one you want", and I just felt it was. How right I was!

You can see a picture of Simba on page 7 of "Post Pictures of Your Beautiful Cats".

I love looking at photos of everyone's kitties!

Give Chelli a big hug and kiss for me.

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what a beautiful kitty!
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oooooooooh! He's a real handsome boy!
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What adorable pictures!!! So glad you have joined us, and thanks for sharing the pics!!!
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He is sooo sweet!!!!!
I live with my tabby now but my mum and dad have a Siamese cat and he looks just like Chelli, i absolutely love him!!!
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What beautiful pics! My mom has a siamese (I believe a seal point) and he is now 11 almost 12! I have a tabby (tiger)! Hopefully I will have a pic of her soon! She is due to have babies any day now so I am going to wait till I can get a pic of them to post on the site also!
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Chelli: You are one Handsome Boy! You look so contented and well-loved. You are one LUCKY cat! Welcome to you and your human from all of us here at The Cat Site!

Ash? Babies yet? Got the box ready? Can't wait!!!!---TLK
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