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Make cheap shower curtain liners last longer

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I gave up on shower doors a loooong time ago. I HATE cleaning them...and also have hurt my toes a good many times on the track when getting in and out of the tub. (I know....you`d think I`d learn after a few times!)
Anyhow...I like to buy the cheap ones at the dollar stores and change them every month or two....but often they rip at the top where the rings are before they actually need to be changed.
Lately I`ve been taking that clear packaging tape...the one with the "strings" (or threads) running through it....and I press it along the length of the top where the ring holes are to reinforce them and it seems to work really well.
PS The old ones make great paint drop cloths.
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I buy the cheap ones as well because Hobbes likes to shred them. This is a great idea about the tape. I will do this.
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I buy plastic shower curtains to line the wall behind my bird cage
We have the nasty shower doors, I cannot convince Jeremy that curtains are better
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I find that you actually spend more money by buying the cheap curtains than if you went and spent $25 or $35 on a good quality one.

The shower curtain that I am currently using was purchased in the early 1990's and used for a few years. It was packed away for 6 years because my apartment had shower doors, but like you they were hard to clean and also it was hard for me to get in and out of the shower so I asked the agency to remove them a couple years ago. Now I am using the shower curtain again. I take it down once a month and toss it in the washing machine.

It's not plastic, it's actually water resistent fabric.
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A regular fabric shower curtain works well, too, and keeps the water out the same. You can throw it in the wash whenever you want, and it doesn't have to be treated with anything - just fabric with no liner works great.

(Besides, a new polyvinyl chloride - or PVC - shower curtain can pollute the air in your home for up to a month.)
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I buy the shower curtain liners at the dollar store- they work really well & work for my budget. My actual shower curtain is cloth tho, and I love it because I throw it in the washer a few times when it gets a little dirty & looks brand new!
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I have a medium gauge plastic liner that I've had for at least a year now, my kitties are non-shredders and apparently I'm pretty easy on shower curtains, I only get rid of it when it gets too moldy

my shower curtain has fish on it, but then it has a clear panel at head level so that I can look out (and see what my kitties are doing ) but I can't find another one like it!! I got it at Wal-mart. does anyone know of anywhere else I can get one like it?
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