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Jordan's latest update

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Well, his blood calcium was within normal, but still at the top end of normal. The vet said to drop him down to 5 mg of pred a day for 2 weeks & we will retest.

To be totally honest I have this knot in the bottom of my stomach that tells me that my cuddle bug is dieing. It's a combination of his behavior, and just a bad feeling I have. I don't know how much longer I have with him, but this is killing me. I love him, but truth be told a lot of who Jordan was is already gone. He's not playing, he sleeps a lot, and is just not Jordan.
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I'm so sorry.
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The medication is probably making him feel out of sorts and lethargic. Jordan continues to be in my thoughts.
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Hugs and positive thoughts to you and Jordan.
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Thanks guys, I don't know what the next step is for him, but after 2 days on only 5 mg of pred his energy level is up, but his appitite is down. My guess would be this means that his blood calcium is going up again. Which means he's either going to have to be on 10 mg of pred a day for how ever much time he has left, or he's going to have to go on a differnt med. I'm just ready to lose it completely right now.
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Well I tried calling the vet this morning, but of coase the one that has been handling Jordan's case is out of the office today. Which really is OK, because I can't take him in until Thursday or Friday anyway. He's still not eating like he was, but yesterday he ate about 1/2 of his breakfast & I was feeling bad for him so I gave him a can of F.F. & he ate both. Due to lack of time this morning he just go F.F. for breakfast. At least that way I know he's eating. Last night he ate really good. He seems to LOVE the Mericks canned. If I have a chance tonight I'll have to stop & pick some extra up for him. He ate his 1/2 a 5.5 oz can & finished what his brother Isaac & Sister Maggie didn't finish. It was the Turducen, he also loves one of the fishy ones. I do have one question about their food, is it supposed to be sort of soupy? I've tried a couple flavors now & both has a soupy consistancy (which he loves & makes it easy to mix in fiber). I just want to make sure that's normal.
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The Merrick's is soupy...except for maybe Cowboy Cookout and Surf/Turf, those are slightly less soupy.

His appetite may have decreased a bit because of the lower (5mg) dose of Pred. 10mg was pretty significant and probably made him hungry.

I hope eats better for you today.
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Thanks. I hope that is the case. The problem is that he was always hungry before and would eat anything. One good sign is that he still darn near bites my fingers to get a little cheese from me. Frankly I think he likes the Merrick's because it seems a bit more like people food than the N.B. It's more expensive than the N.B. but right now I don't care how much I have to spend on food, I just want him to be as comfortable as possible.
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