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For Anne (MSN popup thingy)

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I've attached the image as a standard .jpg below this post. The MSN pop up shown is what I get when I enter certain threads.

The members post behind isn't anything to do with the problem, it was just the post that was behind the image at the time.

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That thing pops up a lot for me... but at random times.
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I'm stumped...this has never happened to me.
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Not for me, either. Is MSN your server? What browser are you using? Are you already signed in to TCS when this happens? Cookies enabled? ((just trying to cover all basis!))
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I don't get one that looks like that...but I get MSN popups all the time that are advertisements. I HATE it!! I have noticed it alot more since I downloaded this Hotbar thing awhile back that had different "skins" to choose from that would change the backgrounds of your toolbar etc, so I put a nice pic of some cats in the toolbar background, but I have noticed I now get popups ALL the time, even here, which I never did before. I don't know if that has anything at all to do with it, but I am about ready to uninstall the dang thing just to see.
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If you are getting popups, there is a program that you can download that finds ALL of the pop-ups on your computer. You'd be surprised on the all the ones that were hidden in my computer. It's called No Adware or something like that, but it does work.
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pop-up stopper by PanicWare works, too, to prevent pop-ups, BUT it can also cause a new browser window not to open if you click on a link that directs a new window to open! Just have to be aware of that, too!
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This popup only appears on this forum. No where else on the site and only on certain threads. I think there's a link somewhere that Windohs is picking up.
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I think I figured it out! It appears when someone who posted on the uses pictures on MSN! Either as a regular post or part of the signature.It's prompting you to enter username/password or sign up so you can see the pictures!

I also think I've narrowed down the culprit, if Anne would like to know.
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I encountered that yesterday for the first time on my home computer. We used to have MSN, but have since switched. The strange thing is that it popped up on Internet Explorer, but never on Netscape (and I did visit some of the same threads where the popup showed up). One more thing to add to the mystery.
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Thanks Myste! Your explanation makes sense (especially as I have no other). Can you please pm me with the name of the member so I can edit out their msn link and contact them?

Thank you!
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