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How Did You Get Your First Cat That You Still Own Today?

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I just love polls so I thought I'd make a fun one up. How did you get the first cat in your fur family today?

I picked Enzo up off the farm, one because he was just so cute, two because the tom cat would have killed him off for being a boy.
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Kitty was found under some trees in the back garden and lived there for a few months before I managed to win the landlord over so I could keep him.

I still used to sneak him in at night though
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Scruffy came from my husband's aunt. The aunt bought Scruffy from a pet store and her dogs wanted to kill Scruffy so my husband took her. When I saw her I fell in love and kept her. Scruffy turns 13 years old this year.
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Haha!!!! That is too funny! I'm glad you could keep him Jaffa!
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
Haha!!!! That is too funny! I'm glad you could keep him Jaffa!
Me too! He`s very special to me now.
The landlord caught me one day though and he was already in a foul mood so he shouted at me to 'GET THAT CAT OUT!'

But a few months later he gave me cat food bowls at christmas and a catflap for my room door for my next birthday
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We got our first cat Sliver from a humane society. They told us that this kitten was a male. We didn't know anything since this was our first kitten we adopted together. When we took Sliver to the vet to get fixed, they told us that he was actually a she! Who knew that the person working at the humane society didn't know how to sex a kitten either. Worked out for us since we wanted a female to begin with! We are so lucky to have her!
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Actually he and his sister were dropped off here by their grandmother cat!
I don`t know if something happened to their mother or what....but the neighbor (where they came from) told me that the cat that brought them here was their mother`s mother.
Both kittens were only about 6 weeks old. I took one and our daughter took the other one.
The neighbor is another story (waaay tooo many animals and 6 little girls all in a 2 bedroom rundown trailer down the road. Sad situation)
This grandma cat used to come down here all the time for a handout and some lovins. (They don`t take care of thier animals and don`t believe in getting them fixed either....like I said...sad situation)
Several months later I found the grandma cat on my porch (I`d wondered what happened to her since I had`nt seen her in months) She was next to dead. I found her early in the morning when I went out to wave goodbye to my hubby before he went to work and had to motion him to come back and take care of her. (She was too weak and in too much pain to be taken to the vet to be PTS) She had tumors all over her little body.....I think she came here because she knew we`d "help" her....and we did....the only way we could. I also wonder if that is`nt why she brought the kittens here...because she knew they needed someone to take care of them.
I cried with grief and anger for a long time...in fact it still makes me cry when i think about it.
I`m so glad we have our Toby! She surley made a great decision ...for a cat...when she brought him to us!
PS....sorry I went on so long!
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My oldest is my cat Jennifer. She's 14 years old. We adopted her from our local SPCA because we thought our other cat Howard needed a friend. Unfotunatly Howard went to the rainbow bridge earlier this year...

When I moved out of my parents house I took Jennifer with me because she hated the rest of my family. She is a one person kinda cat. No one else could even touch her, let alone pet her. She's a snotty old lady. The dogs won't come within 5 feet of her... She the princess of the house and she knows it.
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Mew wasn't my first cat, but she's the oldest one I still have. Her mother was given to me by a friend of mine when I was in grade 7. My parents wouldn't let her have a litterbox, so she was indoor/outdoor. Eventually she got knocked up and had three kittens. Mew, Sabre (who my brother owns) and another female that went to my brother's friend. The mother cat wasn't well and collapsed one day while I was at school, after trying to kill her kittens. My parents had her put down (no tests or anything I still wonder what happened to her. It sucks being a little kid!). The kittens were only 3 weeks at the time.
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I rescued Gizmo off the streets when he was 6 weeks. His two brothers were rescued as well, which a friend of mine took in and later found them good homes . We would haven't rescued momma cat as well but we couldn't find her.
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My first cat was Angel. We actually adopted her from Cat Haven's at Petco.. Then the next weekend we adopted Chessy.. They were friends at the shelter.. According to the lady who watched them.
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Originally Posted by angelkitty View Post
My first cat was Angel. We actually adopted her from Cat Haven's at Petco.. Then the next weekend we adopted Chessy.. They were friends at the shelter.. According to the lady who watched them.
Ohhhh that is just so sweet!
How cool to be adopted and then have your best friend be adopted by the same folks! I just LOVE that!
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Pearl is the current old lady of my bunch. My daughter rescued her from an abusive home and brought her to me. She has always been a strange little girl, we think she might have some brain damage from being kicked around as a kitten, and possibly inbred. She was born a barn cat, and the people that owned them were giving them away in front of a Wal-Mart. My sister got Cotton, Pearl's bro, and her sorry excuse for a human being friend got Pearl. Then she abused her because she was "weak." My daughter smacked her around and took Pearl from her.
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All my cats over the years have been adopted from shelters. With the two I have now, Sassy was adopted as a five week old kitten. Linus was an adult cat, and I think he was just about a year old when I got him.
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Bunny is our oldest kitty, she's about 5 or 6 years old now and we found her at the SPCA when we were adopting Pumpkin (who was a kitten). She was 2-3 years old at the time.
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Riley was dumped with his siblings when they were only about 3 weeks old at a roadside dumpster. A nice couple found them and took care of them until they were about 8 weeks old, when they went to the shelter. His 2 siblings were adopted together right away. There were a lot of people interested in Riley, but application after application was turned down. He was in a foster home until I got him at 7 months
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There's no "Bought from breeder" option

I selected the "Rescued from Pound" option. I don't know if that's quite right though... Stumpy was at the shelter injured, and I took her in while she was recovering from her injuries, and ended up keeping her.
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Bob was a stray who fell in with a bunch of ferals. Someone my father worked with at the time had a feeding station for the ferals and noticed him. He was too friendly towards humans and was pretty beat up. He couldn't take in another cat of his own so he asked around and my father volunteered me (before asking!) It took a few weeks to catch him and bring him into the vets to be neutered, and up until the day my dad brought him to me we didn't know much about him. And 2 years later I know plenty
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Spaz was brought in to my family's vet clinic to be euthanized.
She's inbred, but not so bad off, but her only problem was food allergies and her 'breeder' didn't want to 'waste the time and money on it'.
They talked her into releasing the kitten to them instead, but since none of the employees could take her and the clinic was no place for a baby cat, they convinced me to take her until they could find a home.
That lasted about three days before I told them I was keeping her

That was my first, and last attempt at fostering
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I voted "other" because Chloe was a "stray kitty" in my moms neighborhood a couple yrs ago. Allthough my mom fed her, her and my sister insisted I take her.

And well.....thats just what happened! I took her....
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Katie, my first cat (and oldest at 14) was found as a tiny kitten by a British woman living in Belgium, where I was stationed in the Army. She was roaming in the woman's garden with no mama cat or other kittens in sight. The woman couldn't keep Katie so she advertised her for adoption on Armed Forces radio. I heard the announcement and called right away. Several other people also inquired, but I was the one lucky enough to end up with my sweet baby girl
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Our very first cat is no longer with us. She wandered into our garage, we wanted to keep her, she turned out to have FIV and we had to put her down. It might be safe to keep her now, but back then they didn't know if it could be transferred to humans or other pets or whatever, so we did what we thought was right at the time We only had her a week.

But after we had her put down, we adopted another kitty (can see her here http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=136633 ) My mom's cousin had a cat that was not spayed and got out (cousin was disabled... we would have spayed the cat for her if we knew she wasn't fixed, but we didn't know until it was too late). So the cat had a litter and my mom knew I was so upset about having to put the first cat down, that we took one of the babies. We named her Gemini because, well, she is one ... and I guess it didn't matter how upset I was, because Gemini decided she liked only my mom and no one else But thats ok because she got followed by a lot of other kitties and they liked me
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
My sister got Cotton, Pearl's bro, and her sorry excuse for a human being friend got Pearl. Then she abused her because she was "weak." My daughter smacked her around and took Pearl from her.
Please give your daughter a big hug for me.
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well since we have only had Miagi for about 4 years now some lady "found" him in her basement and didn't want him and so we got him and he was about 9 months he's around 4 and a half now.
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My mom took me to the humane shelter when I was ten. It was after my first day back to school for the fall. When we walked into the kitten room my cat suck his little paw out of the cage like please pick me. I fell in love and my mom and I took him home. I wish I could have saved more than one but my parents only wanted one. Anyway, Popsie is still with me after 16 years.
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My first cat was Diamond. My mom had said we would never have a cat because she hated them along with their litter boxes so she would take me to the petstore and try to get me to pick out a dog but I would always hold the kittens. I held Diamond and she licked my nose and it was time to hand her back to the petstore woman. I started crying and my mom couldnt take it so she bought her for me on a few conditions I have her spayed, shovel the litter box EVERY day and get her declawed I was young very young about 8 and didnt know what declawing done so I agreed to it If only I had of known...She was so pretty...Black and white with a diamond on her nose. She passed away on May 15 2005 She was 9 yrs old..she had FIV. Later that night after my husband got off work he brought me Tigger a little bitty 6wk old kitten that he found at the petstore(one that closed down for selling too young)Tigger is now 27months old
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Raven & Nabu are the first cats I got and have had as an adult. I adopted them together, they are littermates and were a package deal.

I got them from a co-worker who couldn't keep them. He thought he found them a home but the dumb lady didn't want them and was keeping them outside 24/7 despite the fact that they are declawed. I'm convinced this is why they know how to hunt and kill. They were about 1 1/2 years old. I give their original owner credit, as he was the one campaigning to rehome them from this bad lady. He found out I was looking for "a" cat and being that he was a salesman, got me to take 2 cats instead. They were fixed and that's all I cared about. They were very underweight from spending the summer outside. She gave me some kind of wretched junk food that she had been feeding them, supposedly. I tossed it. Cats should weigh more than 7lbs at 1 1/2 years old with the body structure these 2 have.

That was August of 1998. We haven't looked back. In a couple weeks is their adoptiversary. We will be celebrating with their favorite: FF Elegant Medleys and catnip.
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Friend/Family gave it to you because they couldn't keep it
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Other - bought from a good breeder! you forgot to put that option in
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Chichi (19) was given to me by my Dad. His friends cat had kittens, and she was the runt that no-one wanted

I wanted her
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