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My cat licks the bathtub and is hooked on plastic

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Is it a normal behaviour for my cat to lick the bathtub after I get out of the shower? What is up with this disgusting habit? She also has this strange addiction to licking plastic bags, or anything that is plastic. She even licks photos and binders. It is just very odd to me. The only thing I really worry about is her licking the bathtub she could be licking soap, or worse, bacteria or lysol. I try to keep the bathroom door shut all the time but occationally I forget and away she goes. As for the plastic thing, I don't really see any harm but I do try to discourage it in case licking doesn't satify her anymore and decides to eat it.
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Hi there!!

My cat's do the same thing. I would assume that it's normal. The bathtub is just somewhere to drink. (Just make sure when you clean your bathtub, that you get all the cleaning supplies rinsed off really well) And I think most cats have a plastic fetish, because I know mine do!

I don't think it's anything to worry about!!
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Our cats do the same thing! They are always going in the tub licking up the water after a shower...we thought it was odd too but cats do weird things sometimes. We also have to put anything plastic away so the cats will stop licking them...they've never tried to eat anything plastic though so thats good
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I think its because most cats love fresh water, Mellow goes crazy when i give him new water even if his old stuff has only been out for half a day!
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Gracie does the same thing.
She takes it a step further though.
She actually gets in the shower with me, or whoever happens to be in there.
She'll sit on the edge of the tub and the second the shower is turned off she jumps into the tub and starts lick the water up.
When we aren't in the shower we have to keep of glass of cold water in the tub at all times...that's the only place she'll drink, she won't drink out of her bowl and wouldn't drink out of the fountain we bought either.

Gracie really believes that she's human and drinking out of a bowl or pet fountain is somehow beneath her
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it's so good to know I am not he only one with a strange cat hehehe. Gemini also sits on the toilet seat while I'm in the shower. She will also lick my legs and feet, then attack me when I get out of the shower. She'll also stare at my breasts lol. Cats are bizarre creatures!
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Chevy does this as well. He'll wait on the toilet or by the door til I'm done. When I take baths, he's on the edge of the tub.
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Yep mine do it too. doesn't matter if you give them fresh water, they will always go for the shower.
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Also, both plastic bags and soap (which may leave residue in the tub) can contain fats, which cats find tasty.
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Mine does the same thing only he likes to chew on hard plastic like the edge of my laundry basket. I've caught him chewing on shoes too!!!
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Both of my cats used to like to lick the bathtub too... sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of the shower pull banging against the tub faucet from them trying to drink right from it....

I figured they just like the fresh flowing water, so I bought one of those filtered fountain water bowls and haven't had a problem with it since!
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