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Rescued Kitten, wasn't eating, now bloating himself with food!

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First of all is it normal for a kitten to have a big fat tummy from eating? When I first brought him home I had a horrible time trying to get him to eat. I went out and bought wet food and he'd lick up the gravy but that was all. He would nibble on dry food but not nearly enough. So I broke down and got him some kitten milk because he was so skiny you could see the bones in his body. Now that I gave him some milk with the dry food he eats like crazy. I stopped giving him milk after one day and now he's huge! He's still boney but now he won't stop eating!

Should I let him eat his fill or moniter what he eats?
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It really would help to know what kind of food you're using (cans- how many ozs?, dry food how much, cupwise, etc.) and how often he eats daily. And this may sound really dopey, but are you 100% sure he's a he, and not pregnant? If he's bloating (vs just gaining a bit) he could have worms, parasites, who knows and should see the vet before you go any further. Plus that 'Cat Milk' stuff will put on lbs. - it's only meant as a treat!
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He's only about 1 month old, maybe a month and a half. He wasn't eating and that is why I got him kitten food. He was very skinny until I have him some milk that day. Now he has been nibbling on our other cat's dry food which is indoor-outdoor formula. That's the only thing I can get him to eat. If I give him wet food he will only lick up the gravy.
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I agree to keep an eye on him for parasites or worms. He sounds too young to get worm medicine yet, but try and see what his poo looks like, the consistency and whether you can see any worms in it. You will have to watch him actually go to the box.

I would be careful with the milk too, even though I know what you mean about just getting them to eat. It is a thin line between needing them to gain weight and them getting diarrhea from the stuff they are eating.

I recently fostered a kitten just like that. It was such a relief to get him eating. I also found that the KMR kitten milk helped stimulate his appetite in general, but it also made his poo runny. So I was constantly in a back and forth between giving a little bit of milk and then switching back to dry food.

You are taking on a lot and are to be commended! That is a very young age for a kitten! Good luck!
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He's a month old (or you've only had him a month?)? Do NOT let him eat the dry food (he could choke apart from anything else) - you're in charge and if you only give him appropriate food, he will eat it (rather than starve). He's way too young to be away from his mother yet and you need to work with the vet to get him on track. He should not be 'free feeding' and does need to eat at certain times a day (a lot of them, but consistently).
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