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Daily Thread Thursday August 2nd!

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Morning everyone!

Today is my early day, so I am up and atom already this morning.

It is Tennis Ball day today...does anyone here play tennis? I actually like it..but don't get to playing to much. No picture today..sowwy.

I am going to a purse party tonight..its this get together kind of like a tupperware party, but with knock off designer purses It should be funny..I'm sure I won't buy any.

Anyway you all have a good one!
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Good morning
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

I am going to a purse party tonight..its this get together kind of like a tupperware party, but with knock off designer purses It should be funny..I'm sure I won't buy any.

Anyway you all have a good one!
They have these parties selling anything nowadays.
my former mother-in-law has a job running parties like that selling sex toys. I've never been to one of her parties though.... I guess there are things I don't want to buy from a MIL (or even former MIL)

Good morning everyone

Today is a day like all others. Except even hotter and more humid.
But at least it's pay day!! And only two work days until the weekend.
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Morning, I just got home from picking DH up from work. It's going to be hot and sunny here again today.
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Good morning everyone

I'm finally at home after being gone for 6 days on business. I have 5 days off in a row now

The kitties were really glad to see me

I'm going to go out tonight and purchase my own laptop!! That way I can take TCS everywhere I go!

Have a great day all
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Morning/Evening everyone!!

Up early again this morning to get caught up on laundry before going to the hospital to set w/Brother who had to have a leg amputated last Thursday. (due to Diabetes)

Everyone have a great day/evening!!
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I am just so sick of the heat. It is supposed to get real humid again today as well.

I think today will be a day of laundry, paying bills and things like that.

Hope you all have a great day!
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last day of work for me, then 4 days off!!! Yay we're going up to our friend's cottage.
Hot, hot and humid here. Phew, poor kitties are just furry blobs passed out on the floor.
Tracy, have fun shopping for a laptop!
Paulena - sorry about your brother. That must be awful.
Have a nice day/evening everyone!
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Another scorcher here as well. I am getting quite sick of this hot, humid weather.

Heading off to work in a bit, not a whole lot to do today so am hoping I can sneak out early without anyone noticing.

Am going grocery shopping after work, the kitty treat container is almost empty and I am getting kitty glares left, right and center over it.

Everyone have a good day.
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Good Afternoon everyone...

It is sunny today for a change , it is usually raining over here in the UK.

Anyway I hope everyone has had a FAB day.

I have got work tonight
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G' mornin'. This is my 3rd day off from work due to back spasms. I held abdominal wall retractors for 5 hours on Monday on a 5 foot tall, 300+ pound patient. Needless to say, my back is killing me. I woke up this morning to realize that I locked Maggie out in the sunroom all night last night. She peed on the sofa. Great. Why couldn't she pee on the rug, which could be thrown out? My back hurts too much to do anything except soak the sofa with Nature's Miracle and hope for the best. Guess I'll check a little better from now on.

Hope everyone is having a better day than I am!
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Goooood morning! Tennis balls are Tasha and Abby's 'toy of choice,' so maybe I'll head to Mom's and play with them today!

I'm expecting a nice quiet day today. My vision is getting much better, though spending too much time in front of the computer seems to aggravate it. I did see the eye doctor again yesterday (for the 4th time in a week!) and I don't have to go back till Friday. Yeseterday my appt was at 3:10 and I didn't get home till almost 5 they were so busy. I don't know what I'd do if I were working right now 1. because of the computer bothering my vision and 2. because all these appointments are like a full time job! I am so tired of going to the doctors! Which reminds me, it's time go put the ointment in my eye.
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I wished today was Friday. I almost had myself believing it was.

I really should be working on my paper. I got some of it done last night, which is good, but I still feel far behind. I'm so *blah* lately, probably bcause of the heat.
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Nat I'm supposed to go to a Purse Party on SundayHow awesome those are!

Well today is my medical day. I had a dentist appt this morning to have some fillings done and I am STILL very numb on my lower left side....

I just got home from a consult to have my wisdom teeth out in a few weeks. The price on that is NOT fun. It will be under medical BUT I have to pay for it up front..almost $ parents have met their deductible this year so I shouldn't have to pay for it AT ALL and of course I realize this AFTER I leaveSo now I gotta make a call to the insurance company to see what the deal is....

At 3pm I have yet another appt at my doctor to get a strep test and a new prescription for my inhaler.....

I am so sick of doctors
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