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New cat a couple of problems

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Pepper, who's been with us for four days already, goes crazy when we leave for work. She starts miaowing and wants to go outside, which is quite a problem since we live in an apartment building and I guess the neighbours are not very happy about it. We live on the fifth floor and I could definetely hear her miaowing on the first floor. Is there anything I could to to stop this? Or will we have to just get used to it?

She did miaow during the night, but after we let her sleep with us this stopped. She was actually very calm last night.

Also, she does not seem to be eating at all for the past two days.

Lastly, a stupid question, but I am new to this: when she is purring I feel like her whole body is shaking; is this normal?
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How old is Pepper? Where did you get her from?

It sounds like she is just scared and lonely. I have heard many suggestions of getting a second cat or kitten so they can keep each other company and have a playmate.
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