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okeefecl - You saw them LIVE? I am jealous. If you've never listened to them, check out Ceili Rain. Particularly their album "Say Kay-Lee".
Yes, once at a bar in West Cleveland, and once at the local Irish-American Hall. They are so interactive with the crowd, and hang out afterwards drinking with the fans. Gotta love it

Thanks for the tip about Ceili Rain-I'll have to check them out.

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Originally posted by adymarie
I also listen to celtic and nature CDs. I am a big fan of East Coast Canada groups like Great Big Sea and the Barra McNiels. Big fan of the Dixie Chicks!
Ady, try growing up in a household where your father is from Nova Scotia and all he will play is fiddle music! Ick! I'm still traumatized!

I like most music depending on my mood - but no country twang! Everything from classical to the 80's, Bon Jovi to Celtic. But every weekend I have to play my high energy techno/dance music! It's the "club kid" in me that wins out every Friday night!

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I have very eclectic taste in music. I like almost anything except hip hop and rap. As many people know, Nine Inch Nails is my all time favorite, along with the Goth/Industrial band Rosetta Stone. I listen to modern country at work, and I do like it. I like heavy metal, some industrial, gothic (BTW, Marilyn Manson is NOT Goth! :vampireL: ), country, classic rock, movie scores (modern classical ), even some pop. Just all depends on my mood. Oh, I'm also definitely into 80s rock/metal. The songs of my youth. Hubby actually produces a syndicated radio show (syndicated in Canada) and DJs an 80s rock night. You can see his show's website (he's also the webmaster) at www.themonstersofrock.com.
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This week I have mainly been listening to April Lavinge (sp) - her of Complicated and Sk8tr Boi fame.

I enjoy UK Garage - Ms Dynamite, NERD, So Solid, Romeo. I also like US R & B - Nelly, Ja Rule, Missy Elliot.

But who do I listen to most on my personal stereo? Bjork, Underworld, Leftfield.

Favourite song of all time? How soon is now by The Smiths.

Favourite live band? Faithless, with Underworld running a close second.

Opera? The only one I like is The Ring Cycle, as sung by Bugs Bunny (in 7 minutes rather than the 15 hours it should take).

MP3s - thank-you the internet. I feel that paying $20 (the price for a cd in the UK) is too much. Why is it $5 more in the UK? The largest cd production plant in Europe is 20 miles from my house, so it can't be extra transport costs.
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My 2 favorite male singers are Howard Jones and Seal. I'm very close to owning every CD that HJ has put out so far, except imports. My favorite female singer is Sade. I also like Diana Krall (jazz). Norah Jones is a new singer that I just heard that I am going to have to get her CD.

I can tolerate Country as my stepfamily listens to it. The only classical I enjoy is the soundtrack to "Titanic".

Jazz, Modern Jazz, Big Band, Frank Sinatra, 80's, Trance, Ambient, Techno, some Rap(Beastie Boys, Eminem...), Alternative Metal(Linkin Park, Rage, Rob Zombie, Saliva, Disturbed...)

Recently, I've really been getting into Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.

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I love classical, with my favorite composer being Dvorak.

I also like New Age and Rock n Roll.

Any Enya fans here?
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I love folksy stuff like Simon and Garfunkel. I also listen to Marilyn Manson, some death metal, and a lot of "alternative" stuff. Crash Test Dummies, Semisonic, Smashing Pumpkins, Counting Crows. These are a few of my favorie bands.
I enjoy subtle, creative, and thoughtful lyrics, good musicianship, and sometimes a little out-and-out rage.
I like Eminem and ICP -some rap works for me. I love Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, but my taste for country music pretty much stops there.
My tastes may seem varied, but I'm extremely picky about lyrical content. I'll stop here, or I'll end up raving on and on about what makes song lyrics good in my opinion!

P.S. I love Enya!
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Ryan - I love the Crash Test Dummies. the lead singer has such a distinctive voice!

I also love Enya - I have about 4 CD's of hers including a Christmas one!
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I also like They Might Be Giants. Any TMBG fans out there?
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I also like They Might Be Giants. Any TMBG fans out there?
Oh yes, touch the puppet head!

I first was introduced to TMBG in high school (late 80's). I always liked them but never had a chance to see them in concert. When I was in grad school (mid 90's), they had a concert at my university. It was really funny to be there with all of the undergrads-they only knew the recent stuff, while my friends and I loved the old stuff. That was one of the first times it really hit me that I was getting old
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I've never seen TMBG in concert. Hopefully, they will come nearby sometime. I've been to relatively few concerts in my lifetime.
HOARDfest to see Smashing Pumpkins, a local punk show which rocked -too bad they closed the venue the next day. And, of course, my own with my ex-band, Born Yesterday. I can count those right?

Anyway, I love trying to wrap my brain around TMBG songs. I know they have meanings -they're not just random strings of words- but those guys seem to have very twisted ways of describing their world. It's beautiful!
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I love trance, hard trance, hard house, and Pink Floyd.

Some of my favorite DJ's are DJ Tiesto, Marco V and Armin van Buren.
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They are a wonderful group that is part Blue-Grass, part Jazz, part Celtic, and who knows what else. Their lead is Chris Thile who won all kinds of awards for his mandolin playing when he was still a child. Chris attended my university for a couple of years and his father is a staff member in the music department. Every now and then when I'm channel surfing, I will see Nickel Creek's video on the country music station. Although I do not care for country music, I sure do like Nickel Creek, and they do a great live show.
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I have heard of Nickel Creek and probably seen them perform, as I used to go to the Bluegrass festivals, when there were more of them around Louisville.
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