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What kind of music do you listen to?????

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The past week or two, I've noticed quite a few posts about music. I thought it would be nice to find out what kind of music everyone listens to.
I am one of those people who would die with out music! Every where I am, I've got to have music or I just get stir-crazy! I listen to everything expect classical, gospal (sp?), old country-western and gothic type music (Marilyn Manson and etc). My faves are country, alternative, 70's, 80's rock and can handle some rap/hip hop stuff.

So, what do you listen to?
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I listen to almost anything. I like country, rock, hip hop, heavy metal, alternative, gospel, classic rock, and pop just to name a few. My absolute favorite singer is Mariah Carey. I have all her albums and know all her songs. I would love to go to one of her concerts someday. I guess the only kind I music I really don't care for is classical and opera.

Well that about does it for me......

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I listen to rock, heavy metal and country. Doesn't seem like a very good mix does it! I like some classic music, like Mozart and Beethoven. They're very relaxing composers. I can tolerate all kinds of music, but heavy metal is my favorite!
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I like rockabilly, blues, classic and alternative country, and punk. Brian Setzer, Mike Ness, Social Distortion, Junior Brown, Omar and the Howlers, Southern Culture On The Skids, and Buddy Guy are a few of my particular favorites. I absolutely hate rap, hip-hop, pop, and the majority of new country. I like to listen to classical guitar music when I am alone in the car. Leo Kottke is my favorite classical guitarist.
I know what you mean about having to listen to music. I can't get my dishes washed without Social Distortion! If the tv is on, I can't get anything done. Stick in a cd, and I am up and moving.
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Mostly 80's but some of the hits today are pretty ok too
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My favorite oldies station changed its format, so I'm onto a country station, now. I, also, like big band and show tunes. Sinatra is a fave. I, also, like off-the-wall stuff: Sheb Wooley, Pinkard & Bouden, Ray Stevens.

When I sing, at karaoke, I do mostly Sinatra, '50s & 60s and some country. "The Lady is a Tramp" is my signature tune.
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I listen to just about anything except rap/hip-hop stuff. I especially love choral music and brass quintet.
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i like everyting. But I like the 80's music. I guess it brings back my teenage years.
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I am so uncool. I could live forever without music.
And I'm 25 and still listen to the stuff my mom played while I was a kid - Neil Simon, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, etc.
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Yeah! All of you 80's people are my new-found heros! See, I do a retro show at the station...I am SO stuck in the 80's and maybe it is because I cannot handle the music of today like EMINEM! Now THAT does kids a world of good, doesn't it???

I, too, will listen to anything that I catch that I like, but I still have my all-time favorite things!
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I love classical music, especially Verdi and Beethoven, and I really respect jazz artists. The Lady is a Tramp is a great song. I am from the Happy Days era, but I think the composers of the thirties (Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, etc.) have written the real jazz/pop classics of the century. I also liked Jim Croce's music. Time in a Bottle, Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, etc. The Blues are great, but they're part of jazz, so I guess I'm being redundant.
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Little bits of everything.
Everclear, Aerosmith, Black Crowes, Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow (lots of crows), Elton John, my dad's Doors CDs...
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I love all kinds of music. I don't like country, r and b (too slow!), or gangsta rap. I also don't listen to pop music, it all sounds the same to me, and I can't stand how neatly packaged the artists are. The music scene is really sad these days.

I love all forms of classical music, but I don't really listen to opera. I also listen to jazz and blues. I really am a rock n roll girl at heart. I love alternative especially. 80s music brings back my high school/college days, so it can be fun. Current faves are: U2 (always my favorite!), The Beastie Boys (the only rap group I really love), Dido, Sting, Creed.

I even listen to the heavier end of the music spectrum. One day, one of my students came into my room while I was listening to Godsmack. He looked scared.
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When my kids were growing up, in the '80s, I censored their music. Some of that stuff was too violent and mysogynistic, for my tastes.

When he was older, Mark had a T-shirt, with Kurt Cobain's death certificate reproduced on the front. I told him that this was NOT a person to emulate! He was having problems, at the time and I was concerned, for him.
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I think the Counting Crows are touring right now with the Spin Doctors. ANDDDD....

REM will be starting a tour after the new year in Europe. If you are an REM fan...be watching for them to announce dates for their tour in North America! Rumor has it those will be announced in January, as well.

Am I the freakin' music goddess, or what?
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I love the 80's (Wilde Lake High School, class of 1988). But besides that, my taste is pretty varied. I like some classical (Beethoven, Holst, baroque), some hip-hop (De La Soul, Fugees), some techno (Moby, Messiah, Sunscreem), some metal (Metallica, Blue Oyster Cult). I've made a lot of CDs from MP3s (ooh, illegal!) that run the gamut from Toni Braxton to Garbage to Godsmack to the Charlie Daniels Band to Queen...My recent focus has been on Celtic Rock bands-Brother, Wolfstone, Glengarry Bhoys, Gaelic Storm (who are FABULOUS live). I guess it really depends on the song, whether it grabs me around the midsection or not.
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You know, this might be horrible for me to say, but I am not EVEN ashamed for downloading MP3 files. Why? Because...well, let's be honest...do YOU like dropping anywhere from $15-$18 for a single CD only for maybe ONE tune that you are familiar with. I, personally, think that is a LOT of cash for a CD.
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If I had to make a CD of my top 10 favorite songs (or musical sections), this is what I'd put on it:

1) Beethoven, 9th symphony, Choral
2) Holst, Jupiter the Bringer of Jolity, from The Planets
3) Shall We Dance? from The King and I
4) Bizarre Love Triangle-New Order
5) I Burn for You-The Police
6) Bittersweet Symphony-Verve
7) Scenes from an Italian Restaurant-Billy Joel
8) Don't Fear the Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult
9) Romp and Circumstance-Brother
10) Don't Leave Me This Way-Communards
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You know, this might be horrible for me to say, but I am not EVEN ashamed for downloading MP3 files. Why? Because...well, let's be honest...do YOU like dropping anywhere from $15-$18 for a single CD only for maybe ONE tune that you are familiar with. I, personally, think that is a LOT of cash for a CD.

I agree with you, and so did the courts, now that CD purchasers are getting a class action settlement from the recording companies because the companies fixed CD prices. That's also why I don't buy CDs anymore, at least "popular" CDs. I'd rather my $15 goes to an unknown group who is touring the US (and often the world) to bring attention to their music. Many of my favorite groups (Glengarry Bhoys, Gaelic Storm) are ones I've seen in person and I've bought their CDs at their shows. At least in these situations, I think my money is going to the group and not some corporate big wigs.
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My musical tastes are a bit different I guess....I like some of the stuff they play today, like Nickelback and Creed etc. But I also love the 70's & 80's stuff....Eagles, Steve Miller Band,(especially Abracadabra) Foghat, (especially Slow Ride) Molly Hatchet,(esp. Flirting w/ Disaster), Metallica, Bachman Turner Overdrive (Let it ride), Ozzy, Aerosmith, Foeigner, Loverboy, Little River Band, Styx, ELO, Ted Nugent, Sweet (especially Little Wille, Love is like Oxygen and Ballroom Blitz), Stevie Nicks,... I could just go on and on and on here guys....but you get the idea....I love the *GASP* Disco music from the 70's also....my all time favorite disco band is K.C. & The Sunshine Band....I have their greatest hits CD and I can totally jam out on that!!! "I'm your Boogeyman" and "That's the way I like it" are two of my favorites by them. My hubby HATES disco and thinks I'm crazy!!! :laughing:

I also love the 80's music like... Men At Work, Duran Duran (especially "A View to a Kill", Thomas Dolby (She Blinded Me With Science"...which I LOVE!!)and so many many more.
There are a few basically "One hit wonders" of the 70's that I just love too... Walter Egan "Magnet & Steel" (which is one of my favorite songs, I listen to it alot!!!) and Exile "Kiss you all over" (not the country band Exile, lol) Jay Ferguson "Thunder Island" (gotta love that one! )

I also like a few of the Gospel singers these days, like (and I know I will misspell this...) Jackie Valesquez (I have two of her CD's and they are very good) and Carmen (saw him in concert once and it was awesome....not as good as the Aerosmith concert I saw, but still really good! )

Guess I have some pretty weird tastes!
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as long as it doesn't put people down or have filthy words every 5 seconds. It just depends what I am in the mood to listen to... I don't follow any particular group or even know the words to very many songs.. but I like to listen
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*singing to Jay Ferguson for Debby* "So sha la la la la la my lady...!" Now THAT is a great song and it is awesome when cranked LOUD! ((in my rotation at work! )) :flash:
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".....do do do do, do do do do, do do do, do do do do do....goodbye thunder island...." I LOVE it, Carrie!!! And you are right...better yet when cranked way up!!!!!

PS...I wish I could hear your radio show!!!
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I think I will ALWAYS have a heart for Barry Manilow. Yeah, I know...most people diss him, but I grew up with him. You know how it is...you are like 5 and your mom listens to it all the time so you know no better! I saw him in concert this past February..what a GREAT show!!! WORTH THE CASH!

"Her name was Lola..she was a show girl...with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there...."
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is TOO weird!!!! Carrie...I LOVE Barry Manilow!!!! I have loved him for years!!!! I am still looking for a CD of the double album I had of his as a kid, but can't find one. I have found a few of his "favorites" cd's, but not the exact one...I don't think they made it into a cd. But I have even looked on e-bay for it. I love Copacabana, and Mandy, and Bandstand Boogie, New York City Rhythm, Looks Like We Made It, etc.
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Count me in as a Barry Manilow fan! I just bought the C.D. of his best songs for my daughter for Christmas, "Could It be Magic," "Mandy,", all the good ones. I saw him in concert a few years ago. He puts on a wonderful show.
I also forgot to mention Broadway! I love the music from "West Side Story," most Rogers and Hammerstein and, of course, Andrew Lloyd Weber.
Christy, have you heard Beethoven's 3d., the Eroica? I think it's his masterpiece.
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I will listen to pretty much anything. I don't like gangsta rap or any hate based music. My current fav CD is Josh Grobin's self titled 1st release. I find it really relaxes me. I also listen to celtic and nature CDs. I am a big fan of East Coast Canada groups like Great Big Sea and the Barra McNiels. Big fan of the Dixie Chicks!
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Originally posted by carrie640

"Her name was Lola..she was a show girl...with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there...."
I sing that all the time at work! It really irritates people for some reason. I got to love it when we had to learn it for grade 11 Concert Choir!
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Forgot to mention one of my favs is a swing band called the Big Bad Voodoo Daddies.
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Gaelic Storm (who are FABULOUS live).
okeefecl - You saw them LIVE? I am jealous. If you've never listened to them, check out Ceili Rain. Particularly their album "Say Kay-Lee".

I go through phases. I love 80's pop, disco, techno dance music, some older country, rock (especially 70's and 80's). I like some "praise" music -- like Robin Mark since he's got that great Irish sound. I also like Big Band Jazz (Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, etc.) And Frank Sinatra.
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