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Nipped Kit!

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I came home a couple of weeks ago to this. Daphne had found the catnip inside the new scratcher box Up to this point she had not been interested in catnip at all. Guess this means she's an experimental teen now

This is her expression when I took the baggie away:
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Oh that last photo is just adorable~
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aww thats one addicted kitty for sure

shes sure is telling you how she feels about you taking it away in that last photos
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Daphne sure is a nipped out kitty!! those are great pics
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That last pic was kind of a cross between a yawn and a yowl, then she went in search of the baggie. Poor Daphne is now an nip addict

I think she ingested too much, though. She went really bonkers and became almost aggressive. I figured it was because it was her first experience? She hasn't done it again, thank goodness.
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
look to me like she is sticking her tounge out at you for talking away her nip/
hehe you meanie..
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Awesome pictures!!
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LOL! Mean Meowmy! Stole her bag o' nippins! LOL!
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Oh she's stoned off her butt! Haha, she is a really beautiful kitty. I love how cats react to catnip.
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LOL, cats on catnip are so funny.
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