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Need help adopting a female feral

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This is a message for anyone who can help.

about a year ago, i adopted a little cat who had been living by the dumpster behind my apartment building in Los Angeles. I later found out she was deaf and it took a lot of work to get her to stop meowing at night. But she is now the light of my life. Her name is Angel Katkat.

A while ago, i found out through some neighbors who's been there longer than i have, that katkat has a sister out there. another female cat who's about three years old now and has never found a home. i immediately wanted to adopt her. when i found her, she wouldn't let me approach her, so i left a big bowl of food for her and she ate every bit. I've been feeding her for 6 months now, but she still keeps a great distance, and walks away whenever i get too close. all i can think to do is feed her the best cat food i can find and talk to her while she's eating. but she just won't let me close. katkat (my cat) practically walked me home that first night i found her and stayed ever since. but this one just won't budge.

yesterday, i met a nice older lady who actually can get close to her because she's known her since she was a kitten. she has agreed to help me catch her tomorrow. but i am so scared as to what comes next. i'll keep her at my mom's place until i am sure that she won't beat up katkat (she lives really close), but i am so afraid that she'll hate me because she'll think i trapped her! i already fixed her up a nice warm and hidden spot with pillow and blankets to hide in, plus lots of good food and fresh water. but what if she just wants to be outside? would giving her some catnip help or hurt? how can i gain her trust so she would let me take care of her? please help me!

thank you all so much
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I would not take her to your moms, just keep her in a large dog crate or in a seperate rom or bathroom. If she settles in at your moms, you will have to start all over again when you do decide to bring her to your house which will just stress her out completely. Plus you want her to get used to the sites and smells of your home. She can see your kittty thru the cage or under the door but not get to her. You never let two cats interact with each other right off the bat anyways. Plus youwill need to have her tested and vetted first. I really really would not take her to your moms. I think that would be a big mistake. They will not remember each other as sisters.
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