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Stupid Internet Company

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We currently have execulink wireless internet and it sucks. They didn't install it right so when we got a new roof put on the wires got all screwed up and now it wont work. We have called execulink and they said that they will come out on their own time to fix it because it isn't their fault it broke. It is their fault because they installed it wrong. It is supposed to go around the roof, but they put it going across the roof because we used to have a flat roof and now we have a sloped roof. They also said they are going to charge us if they come out to fix it.

What a useless company. My boyfriends dad said if they charge us, then not to bother fixing it just to come and take their stuff back.

Has anyone ever used Explornet? Their internet is 10x faster for the same price as execulink. We are probably going to get that internet instead. Right now I am using dial-up because we still have it from before we got execulink. This internet is soooooooo slow.
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Ever since we moved to our new house, we've been having internet issues. I called then only to be told that they would charge us money to come out and more if they needed to fix anything with our phone lines? Um hello, isn't that what my linebacker plus is for? So anything inside the house is covered is something goes wrong they come and fix it no charge? I was livid, so I basically told the guy to shove it and now we are dealing with on and off internet. Gotta love poopy dsl companies.
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