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Anyone make their own booze?

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I've recently picked up a new hobby, wine and beer making!

I started last year when my MIL gave me some eldeberries off her bush. I had a ton of them, so I made jam, pie and wine! It was a real experience and I had fantastic help from the local wine store owner. The wine came out good I guess (I don't like wine! ). It took about 7 month from start to finish, plus aging. Everyone seems to like it, so I guess it can't be too bad.

I am about to have my first homebrew beer bottled. We chose a cerveza (Corona) to start with, and I even had some corona bottles given to me! It'll look all authentic. I chose to have the wine store guy cold filter, carbonize and bottle it for me, instead of doing the yeast carbonization. It's supposed to seem more 'authentic' if he filters it, and then you can drink it right from the bottle instead of pouring it into a glass to avoid the dregs at the bottom. It was much faster than the wine and has only taken 20 days so far, start to finish.

I don't like beer either! I just like making it.

Anyone else tried this hobby? It's quite easy and inexpensive, just takes some time. I got all my wine supplies at a yard sale for $30. That was three carboys, two pails, filter, hydrometer, syphon, pump, etc. Pretty good deal! I
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nope, i'm a clutz, my kitchen would wind up resembling an episode of "I Love Lucy" if i tried that I'll leave it to the pros
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My great-uncle was a champ at homemade wine of all kinds: watermelon, dandelion, rhubarb. One of the first times I ever got tipsy was on a visit when he broke out a bottle of his Applejack -- WHEW!!! talk about stealth potency!! Went down like apple juice, but watch out when you stood up!

I have a recipe for homemade Kahlua I need to dig up . . . (goes in search of recipe box. . .)
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I've never made wine, but I made beer once about 25 years ago before there were all these kits available! It looked kind of murky but it tasted ok.
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Originally Posted by RicaLynn View Post
I have a recipe for homemade Kahlua I need to dig up . . . (goes in search of recipe box. . .)
I've made Kahlua and Bailey's. That's not really making your own alcohol though. It's just flavouring up vodka. Plus I discovered that making your own isn't really any cheaper than just buying it in the liqour mart, at least where I live.
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It is if you use cheap vodka
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Brad has made lots of different kinds of beer. It stinks to high Heaven when he makes it though. He hasn't for awhile now. The last batch he made was Chocolate coffee stout. I hate beer but it smelled yummers! From what I heard from a coworker, it was good. (Had to test it outside the circle ya know )

He says he wants to get into it again, but he wants all new equipment and it cost mucho $$$$$ that we just can't afford now. (plus do I really want my basement smelling of yeast and yuck?)
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I've got a moonshine still in the shed.......... just kidding

I remember my grandfather having one though
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Jeremy's brother stopped by the other day and asked if I could make liquor. I said I didn't know, I'd have to talk to my wine guy. He was like 'cause I'll pay you for it!'. Ahaha, no. I'm pretty sure that would be illegal.

I'd be interested in trying kalhua!

The only time I notice a smell from our beer is when we're racking it, otherwise it's sleaed inside the glass carboy so it's odourless.

Apparently beer used to be made by boiling it on the stove, letting it cool and adding hops, etc? I've never tried that. Mine is with a BrewHouse kit, they're brand new on the market I guess. You can go here to read about it if you like, it's beyond easy to do.

My wine guy says you can't taste the difference between the properly made kits and Beer Store bought. Cleanliness is key, beer doesn't have a high enough alcohol content to kill bacteria itself, you can to be super clean with all of your equipment.

I plan to try green apple wine and tropical fruit wine next. They're the only wine I've ever had that I actually liked (drank two bottles all by myself at my friend's wedding! WoooOOOOooo!!! That was a good night! )
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Rob was into making wine for a few years -- did some good stuff, actually -- then the drudgery of cleanup started getting to him -- especially as it was usually pushing bedtime by the time he got to that part and he just wanted to be DONE! So there are a gazillion cartons of clean wine bottles in our utility room, plus all the other supplies, plus a few bottles under the stairs that probably aren't all that terrific any more.

I don't know if he'll ever get back to it -- maybe when he retires. Meanwhile he does make a mean orange brandy -- many people (me included) prefer it to Grand Marnier.
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dh makes all kinds of beer. he and his brothers even have pilsners that say Marro Bros, like mario bros get it? lol
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I don't but my one friend makes beer and my other friend raises bees and makes Mead.
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No, but I've always wanted to though! We finally have a basement to throw stuff into so that will help keep the alcohol cool.

I remember an ex of mine use to make his own beer. He had to really crank up the air conditioning because he decided to make it during the summer and he lived in the upstairs of an apartment.

My brother use to/perhaps still does (?) make his own. He has pretty much perfected the art of Belgian brewing (according to his Belgian wife).
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My husband makes beer occasionally. He planted hops in the garden this year for the first time.

We have also flavored vodkas with fruit from our garden and made Cassis.
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My Hubby made Apple jack a number of years tasted AWFUL....but it had a great BUZZ!
My brother in law made wine once....but he corked the bottles too soon and they exploded all over the room they were in. WHAT A MESS! Had to seal and repaint, cause it would NOT come off the walls!
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