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Favorite animal

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What's everyones favorite animal besides cats. Mine is frogs/toads.
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Cats are my favorite, but i also like reptiles, especially iguanas and savannah monitors.
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Giraffes!!!!! I got some really cute pictures of the Giraffes when we were at the St. Louis zoo this week on my disposable camera. When i get those developed i'll ask for a cd disk too so i can share them!

(i also LOVE Servals and Cheetahs!)
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I was watch a documentary on Animal Planet about Red Pandas a couple of weeks ago and have decided they are one of the cutest animals I have ever seen.

I also think ferrets are great.
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Um.. dogs of course. But I prefer specific breeds, does that count?

If so.. Doberman Pinschers. Especially a well-bred Dobie... they are stunning to look at, take my breath away every time.
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next to cats, elephants
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
What's everyones favorite animal besides cats. Mine is frogs/toads.
I have soooooo many toads that live around my house. I like them but I am always afraid of stepping on them when its dark.

I like most animals, but other than cats I don't really have a favourite. I guess my favourite would be hamsters.
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I love horses.. and cats plus others from feline family
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Beluga Whales, ever since I got to pet one at Marine Land last summer. They are so big and fat and cute Also Killer Whales are cute
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dogs, horses, and guinea pigs.
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Mine is birds...parrots if ya cant tell by my sig.
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