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Lost cat found way home!

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A while back we had a nice male cat named Luigi. We had him for a few years and he was an unfixed male. Then we kept one of our females kittens and it too was male. The female and the two male cats got along fine until the younger male went through puberty. The two males began to fight every day and finally the older cat had chased the younger one off the property and he wouldn't (couldn't) come back. I guess the older male didn't like the younger male around his woman. For two years we have not seen this cat, not even around the neibourhood.

A little over two years pass and our older male cat got hit by a car and unfortunately passed away. After about two months of him being gone we heard a scratching at the back door. It was our old cat - he came back! This is after over two years of not seeing him! I guess he figured it was safe to return without the dominant male in charge. Weird thing is, where was he staying all this time? We asked all the neibours around if they had adopted a male stray and no one said they had even seen a cat around with those markings.

When he came home he was very skinny, beat up and looked as though he had travelled far, but we knew it was him. He had quite unique markings so we checked all our pictures of him to make sure. We are 100% it is him. He even came in the house like he knew the place. He was a little skittish at first, but he went rights away (After eating tons!) to his old favorite sleeping place - my bed. It was even though the female cat remembered him. They got along right away and now he is the king of the castle - at last.

Any comments or similar experiences from any of you. I find this very strange and almost miracle like. Thanks for reading and any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Absolutely fantastic to hear that your cat is back. Is he still unfixed? I would have him neutered asap. It won't make him fat and he won't miss having the urge to wander, get into fights and potentially get STD's from female stray cats.

Unfixed toms tend to wander and fight more. Is your female spayed? If she's not I'd have her done as well asap, otherwise you're quite likely to end up with kittens.

Anyway great to hear your cat is back
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