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Megan and Chessie pictures (17!)

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Oh for the love of ducks. So sorry if anyone was bombarded with that before my edits, I forgot to resave the pictures to a smaller size. I promise they are worth clicking on, however!

These babies aren't mine, but I kitty-sit for them so much that we're best friends now, and I was over at their "mom's" house last week and got some truly lovely shots of Chessie. Only a couple of Meg, as she hasn't been feeling well lately and is mostly avoiding visitors--I was flattered that she even came out to see me at all.

And yes, Chess is missing an eye. We are aware. She followed her mommy and daddy meowing after them for 1/2 an hour or so, begging to be petted and held, and dogged them back to their car where she basically jumped in and demanded to be taken home. Her eye was missing then, and we think she was born that was as there aren't any other signs of trauma or scars after a thorough vet check. In any case, her one eye is ten times as beautiful as many other animals two eyes put together.

Best ones first!

My favorite...


I love the way the light hits her fur... she glows.

:censor::censor::censor:!?!? Don't shoot the dog you say? But why on earth not?

Another glow-ey one..

Not much to look at until you focus on her eye...

Look at that light in her eye...
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Gorgeous pictures...I just love grey tabbies.
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Thank you, Tierre.
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oh my! Meg looks just like my Chynna girl. While Chess has her eye issues.

Beautiful kitties both of them.
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gorgeous girls!! Chess's missing eye is so unusual!
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Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
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LOL except Megan is a Tortie point. But they do look alike.

I will definitely pass the compliments on, thanks guys.
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GREAT PHOTOS & Adorable Kitties
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they are both just beautiful. Hope Meg gets to feeling better soon
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