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How long to adjust to new food?

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Hi! I recently decided (after joining this forum) to switch the gang to a higher quality food. The bengals were on Iams Hairball Control when we got them, because the rescue group we got them through used that because it is apparently very easy on the tummy. We knew that our other cat liked it, so we've kept that up during the few months since Lily and Rajah (the bengals) moved in. Anyway, I'm now trying different hard and soft foods for them. BTW, in the past, we only gave the kitties a tiny bit of Kitty Crack aka Fancy Feast at night and not even every day as a snack - otherwise was all dry food. So, for wet, I've been trying some different ones to find what they like best and increasing their amount a bit. The wet food seems to be an easy adjustment. However, for the dry, I settled on a few kinds to try - they loved Wellness Core a little too much LOL. I also tried Raw Instinct (I think that was the name) and they wouldn't touch it. And most recently, I tried Pinnacle and they like that one (anyone have comments on that food?)

Anyway, I tried what you are supposed to do, and once I knew they liked it, I mixed with their old food to try to transition gradually. But guess what! They ate the Pinnacle and left the Iams kibble in the dish! Yup - they are all of a sudden picky kitties, completely turning up their noses at the food they've been eating for months (keep in mind I've increased their wet food a bit though, so they aren't going to eat as much dry anyway). So here's my question - since they totally saboutaged my attempt at a gradual transition, there have been some issues with loose stools. How long should I expect this to go on, especially considering that the bengals can have sensitive tummies? Thanks for your input!
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Some cats will just switch .... I keep attempting a mix for at least 10 days.. Yes bengal can have sensitive tummys but some have no trouble switching...

ADD pumpkin and a probiotic
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