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Kitten Health Please help

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I found a kitten last night. I estimate him to be about 6 weeks old. He turned up at a farm where I ride horses about a week or so ago. He's so little, despite his success in surviving in the hay barn, I decided to bring him home since there are more than enough predators around. I want to get him to a vet soon but haven't yet been able (I've had him less than 24 hours).

He seems relatively healthy despite his traumatic past (We think a fox brought him to the farm yet he managed to get away. He has bite marks on his back legs.) Since I don't really know his health I have kept him quarantined from my other cats until we can fe-luk test, etc. He was eating adult cat extremely cheap cat food at the barn. I switched him to high quality dry and canned kitten food today, Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul, to be exact.

However, prior to the food switch I noticed a slightly protruding anus. Tonight he's had soft stool in an amount that a small adult cat might have, not a 6 week old kitten (though he has eaten a lot of food since he came here). I can see the soft stool being a result of the food change as it's a new development. Any thoughts on the anus? Worms perhaps? Your help is more than welcome!
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in gen grains will do that, Chicken soup for the soul is not MY idea of good cat food, but is beter then what he/she had.

What you need to do is check for fleas and keep him isolated until you see a vet, six weeks is very young to be away from mama and any litter mates. You have to foster him or give him to a recue group that can do it. I would get KMR and as far as the wounds go keep a close eye on um and bathing the kitten might not be a bad idea either.
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Sorry that I'm not any help on this one, but I WOULD suggest a vet checkup a/o. For the bites as well as this, and the testing.
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The bite marks are already healed over.

I'm capable of fostering the kitten. I don't think I need a rescue group.
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