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Language question

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Not that it's a big deal but I used :censor::censor::censor: in a post and it got edited. I've seen others use it though. Just wondering what was up with that. Ok, I had another question about a word but when I posted it automatically got the smiley censor so I guess that was a bad word. LOL.
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Well, the thing about that expression is we all know what it stands for, the last word spelled out would certainly be censored, and this expression doesn't really disguise it. The fact that others have used it without it being censored only means that it wasn't noticed. We can't be everywhere, and we can't read every post, so we do rely upon members to let us know if they see something that gives concern. If you see language -- or anything else in a post -- that's questionable, you can always use the report post button to bring it to the attention of the moderating team.
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Well, gosh, I guess that's up to The Big Cat. Seems pretty innocuous to me, as it's only abbreviated, but !
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