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Charlies pedicure/manicure

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Well it's been 12 weeks since Jazzy passed, and in that time Charlies claws have grown quite long, starting to curl, as he no longer is allowed to run free outside. There are lots of logs and things to scratch in his enclosure, but he doesn't like staying in there long amounts of time, so he tries to sharpen them on the couch. (bunny kicking with back paws EXTREMELY ouchie)

But he's a happy boy now, and looks pretty with his trimmed nails

I was wondering, how easy is it to hold your kitty and trim his claws, one person for his front paws, and two people for his back ones as i think he would have had to been held differently. I didn't go with him but my father says he didn't make too much of a fuss and it didn't take very long. All of our other cats were outdoor so their nails were never too long. (i was freaking out when they left, as the last time he went to the vet was after Jazzy died and i freaked out there might be an accident or something, completely unfounded fears)

We're thinking of buying our own clippers and see how we go with that in 6 or so weeks.

Any advice from you guys would be great.
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Well I did Mellows for the first time last night, I just kinda stradled over him a bit like I was sitting on him, I was wearring a long skirt and it acted as a restraint, so he couldnt stand up I did one front paw at a time, not worked out how to do the back ones yet tho!
He was really well behaved I was worried about doin it as we have only had him a few days, but he was great!
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When I do my cats, I just lay them back in my arms and kinda wrap one arm around their waist and hold their paws - then clip as needed.
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