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A very creative lady!

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I am a very creative lady! I love to create web sets and graphics. I was thinking of doing something a little different though... I would love to start making other people graphics for their signature at The Cat Site. If you are interested, please Email Me and tell me what you want on your custom graphic. Here's what I need:

1. Pick the color scheme.

2. Send me pictures that you want on your graphic.

3. What text you want on your graphic.

4. And last but not least, if you want it animated or not!

I will then email your graphic to you the day you want it! If you need it right away, consider it done.

I am starting up my own web design and thought I could experiment a little before I put up my website!

Psst! If the link to email me didn't work, my email address is!
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Oh that would be wonderful! I will send you some pictures right away. That is a very nice offer.
:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Great! I'll keep checking my email. I can't wait to get started!
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Wow! That is very nice of you! Better be careful what you offer, though! You will probably be FLOODED!! ((You can expect something from me as soon as I figure something out I want! )) I wish I had a clue on how to create this stuff...I have Adobe Photo Shop. You can create graphics in that, can't you? I heard that is like a VERY expensive program and I never use the thing.
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I sent you an email too. Thanks a million for doing this! Like Carrie said, You are gonna get swamped with requests! Thanks once again!
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I am prepared! I love making graphics! I currently use Jasc Paint Shop Pro and it rules! You can do everything on it. I downloaded mine for free off a program called Kazaa. It took me a while to get used to the program, but now that I know how to use it I have to teach my family how to use it too. My cats love watching me paint on the computer. Peppurr tries to attack the mouse and usually screws me up!

I am VERY prepared!

Yes Adobe Photoshop is VERY expensive. I love that too. I had it on my computer for a while, but never really used it either!

Shell, Can you please email me again! I made the graphic but I deleted your email. I just need your email address!
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My email addy is
Jeez...that was quick! Thanks..can't wait to see it!
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What a great idea! That is very generous of you to offer to do that for your fellow catsiters. I'll be sending you mine as soon as I find out what I want.
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I just received my new signature graphics from Tasha and it is sooooooooo awesome! Only one little problem...I don't know how to attach it on to my signature! I'm still learning stuff like this (Jeez, I just figured out that I could put a avatar on my profile!). If anyone could help me put it on here...I'd really appreciate it!
Thanks once again is so cute!
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Shell, I just sent you some information to help you. It used to be very hard for me to do anything on the computer!

If you need anymore help, just ask!
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Yay!!!! I finally got my picture to work in my signature. It took me over an hour to mess around with it and convert it it to a .jpg file so I could upload it to and put it here. Thanks Tasha again for doing this for me!
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I finally got mine posted too! It look sometime to figure out how to do it...A big THANK YOU to Tasha!!
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How DO you post a pic in your signature? I have a jpeg, so it should be upload ready. Hmmm...

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Check out the Super Duper Important threads and go to "your computer problems solved". It explains it on the last page. You have to have your pix on a site that allows remote linking (I used Then upload your pix and then copy the code. Then go to TCS and go to User cp...then edit profile. Paste the code to your signature, but I found out that you have to put this in front of the code: [img]
Then you need to put this at the end of the code: [/img]
And then it should least it worked for me. Good luck and if you can't get it, you can send me your picture via email ( and I'll put it on my saved photos...then email you with the code to put in your signature. Ok...clear as mud, huh?LOL!
Good luck,
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Too complicated, for this computer dummy. It took me weeks, to figure out how to post pictures!
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okay -- I'm working on it... Wondering if signature will magically appear...
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Go to and sign up.
Once you are signed up, log in. Scroll up the page
until you see "Upload". Once uploaded, scroll down
the page until you see your picture. Click on it.
Once your picture is full size, scroll down until
you see a little box with a code in it. Copy it.
Come back to TCS and go into "user cp". Click on
edit profile and scroll down the page. You will see
a little box that is for your signature.

Here's how it should look in the signature box:

If you need any additional help, just ask me!
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Remember to put the tags around it!

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Auburn, to link a pic from another website, you need to put the vb code in. For images it should look like this, but without any spaces (I'm putting spaces in so you can see the code): [IMG ]http:\\\\ [/IMG]

The other word of warning is that most free photo places do not allow true remote viewing. I know another member had pics in her signature from Photo Island and they disappeared each day because Photo Island changed the actual address of the pics each day. Also, to link to a photo album, right click on the pic you want to use, go to Properties, and copy the address from the Properties box. It will be different than the one that appears on your browser. Sneaky, aren't they?
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I've got it all set up on This is waht I have in user CP's sig option box:

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okay... try again... I had the [img]'s in but they disappeared during the posting because I forgot to add a space. oops.

[img] [/img]

minus the spaces for the [img]'s.

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When you are putting it in your signature, don't have any spaces at all inbetween the brackets, IMG, and your website address. It should be all one big "word".
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I just tried attaching your pic to my signature and it doesn't want to show as a pic only as an internet address....

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I had to do that for the codes to show up in a post. Are the codes correct otherwise? The [img] keeps disappearing when I post, but they are in my signature code. I know I am missing something somewhere!! :tounge2:
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You've got the code right. Hmmmm, now I'm really perplexed because it should be working.....
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Ah well.. I guess Ed's beauty is just a little too overwhelming for the page -- LOL!!

I will figure it out next year!
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It sounds a lot harder than it really is. I was "trying" too hard to get it to work...finally after an hour or so, I got it. If you need me to help you, just email me and I'll see what I can do.
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I only see the dreaded red x's! And alot of web addresses!
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I wonder why that is? I can see the pic when I post...Does anyone know why? I'm stumped!
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