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Do your kitties have a favorite game?

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Mine do!

8-Bit- Beat on Scratch until he screams like a little girl.

Scratch- Find the furry mouse under Meowmy's head in the middle of the night.

Dr. Claw- Hide the mouse for Scratch to discover under Meowmy's head in the middle of the night.

How about you?
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Charlie: knock the ball around the house till all the mats are in the wrong place, then the ball is under the couch, and two people have to come and move the heavy couch (well it's a sofa bed) to rescue said ball for kitty.

Cleo: As soon as someone wakes up in Tristans house she decides to weave in and out and around their legs as they walk, the humans KNOWING she wants food and getting tripped up before they can even reach the light switch!

Timmy: Climb up the screen door, turn the handle and escape for freedom! (been hard to keep him indoors 24/7 since being diagnosed with FIV but its out in the country so he's safe)
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Toby: Fetch the ball or Hide & Go Seek
Tedy: Shake hands with Dad to get another treat
Tawny: Steal the kitty tent from Tedy
Linda: Try to keep the kibble and litter cleaned up off the floor!
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Stumpy's favourite game is hunt and throw around the catnip mousie

Smudge loves to chase anything you throw for her. Her other favourite game is to bat the toy springs around.

Lily just loves to wrestle with her sisters.
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Mine only have a couple of things that they do. Either run around aimlessly and play with random toys or the other thing they like a lot is sleep.
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Tom - meow. and meow. and meow. grrrrr.

Emma - Stand around and look pretty. (That's my full-time job, you know?)

Chili - let mommy CHASE me!

Slightly off topic, but we had the most fun game the other day... Chil and I were upstairs chasing eachother.. she trilled at me and crouched, wiggling her tail about, which is her cue for me to start stalking her... and I rushed up to her, play whacked her (without touching her, don't worry!) and she reared up and play swatted me back, and then we went tearing around the house, her chasing me and me chasing her.. and she ran into the trashcan. At full speed. I felt so bad for her.. it looked like it hurt, but she just wanted me to keep playing.

Although lately her favorite game is to intimidate Midnight.... she'll walk up to the glass window or doors, or to the babygate and stare at hm. You guys know that stare... it's the "I don't know what you are but I WILL get you.." stare, and then hit the glass near his nose as a warning. He's completely cowed by her.
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Gizmo: Lets see how much we can annoy the crap out of meowmie before she loses her mind!

Harley: I KNOW if I dig at the carpet in front of the bedroom, I can dig a tunnel in.

Missy: she has her own little high wire routine on every curtain rod in the house (and a few doors too!)

Monster: her favorite is a game of chase and/or hide and seek when it is time for her nightly medicine!
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Linus likes to play fetch.
His favorite time is in the morning when I am still in bed.
He will bring one of his crinkle balls to me and drop it on the bed beside me. I will then throw it out into the living room for him to chase. Sometimes if I don't wake up right away, he will continue bring balls to me and when I finally do wake up I will have six or seven laying beside me.
Of coarse in this case I am suppose to throw them all at once then he can go crazy trying to chase them all at once.

Sassy's favorite game is to try and sneak yarn out of knitting basket when it is open. It is a real challenge for him to see if he can steal something out of it without me noticing. It is funny because he can be sleeping somewhere else but as soon as he hears the clip on the basket open he is right there.
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Tubee's favorite game is fetch, but only when he tells you he wants to play
Samba-Trying to keep Root from sleeping

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