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Please help!

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Hi, my cat got pregnant on accident and this is her first litter. She is big and her nipples are pink, we aren't sure how far along she is. I'm guessing she is close because she has been showing for about 3 weeks. Last night when I came home I noticed some thickish blood coming out of her vagina, she doesn't seem to be in pain and is walking around as normal.

Is she close to having kittens? Is this normal? What can I expect?

Thank you so much!
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if it was bright red blood and a lot of it then a trip to the vet to make sure everything is fine will be a good idea. iv only had 1 female who had thick red blood and it was because there was a problem. normally its clear or brownish with maybe a tinge/strik of blood sort of like a show.
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It was brownish and thick, not drippy or anything, there wasn't a WHOLE lot, either. Is she going to be giving birth soom, by any chance?
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If it is only a small amount of discharge, this can be indicative of labor beginning any time within the next 24 to 72 hours. If you haven't already, please take a moment and read this thread to prepare yourself for what is to come and how to deal with it.
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Thank you both so much! I'm glad this is normal, I was worried because it happened and she didn't go into labor. Thank you!!!
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how is your girly today?
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