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Help? Kitty nervous breakdown? (long)

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I have a 15 month old male who I rescued at 2 1/2 weeks and was bottle fed. He has always had trouble attacking his tail at times when he had a "special treat". The vet said it was because he never had litter mates and suggested we cut off his tail. I didn't.
He pretty much grew out of that, only doing it occasionally and was even able to play with toys. He was happily settling in and letting my 10 year old female be the dominant cat.
3 weeks ago I had to bring home my Mothers 5 year old snowshoe. They seemed to be getting along well and all was fine. The 2 younger cats even romped a bit together.
Suddenly this morning when I woke up my young tom (Scotty), was driving himself crazy with his tail again. For no reason he was running from it, hissing and growling. He has done this all day except when he exhausted himself. I try to hold him to calm him only to be attacked myself.
I called the vet to hear "I can't see him till the 2nd and bring a stool sample". Needless to say I now have a new vet who will see him Monday. In the meantime any advice from anyone? Has anyone experienced this before? I have had cats all my life, even bottle fed ones and this is a new one for me.

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He may have an anxiety problems and need to be medicated with an anti anxiety medication. They do have this type of medication for kitties and have worked wonders for those with this type of problem.
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we'll find out tomorrow. For now I just hate seeing that normally lovable little guy so misreable.
It breaks my heart to see him like this.
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The medication will probably be needed only temporarily...until everyone is used to the changes in the household.

Please ask your new vet whether it is possible that the cat has some nerve damage in his tail which is causing uncomfortable sensations.

And...I can't believe the first vet said to chop off the tail! Holy Cow! I'm glad you are seeing someone new.
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YIKES!! I agree, chopping off the tail seems a little extreme! RUN AWAY FAST FROM THAT VET! Did that vet seem to give you a reason as to why he/she suggested that?

It is funny anxiety was mentioned here because I offered that as a suggestion to another post about the constant licking! GMTA!
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was able to squeeze him in yesterday. She couldn't believe that the other vet had suggested cutting the tail off either.
Scotty is now on Clomipramine. I sure hope it works and can't wait till it takes affect. I could sure use a nights sleep.
Poor guy, it just breaks my heart to see him this way.
Has anyone here has any experience with this drug? I have a friend who is a vet in MN and he says he has had mixed luck with it.
Thanks all for the words of encouragement. I'm glad I found this place. I think I'll like coming to visit here.
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I am not familiar with that medication. What is it for? Did the vet say what might be going on?
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She said it is anxiety, and this drug is an anti anxiety drug that works well for both humans (by another name), and cats.
She also said that this is a very common problem with bottle fed cats.
I know it takes a little time for any anti anxiety or anti depressant drug to take affect in humans, so I can only assume that'll be the case here. I just plain forgot to ask.
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I would find a holistic vet and get your cat on some Bach's flower essences. The different varieties have helped many pets overcome problems, without the effects of longterm medication, as they are all natural. It will also be a lot cheaper in the long run than keeping your kitty medicated for life.
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Last evening after an extra long afternoon nap, which was to be expected, Scott was up for over an hour before noticing his tail was following him. It just consisted of one short battle with it that lasted only about 15 minutes and then continued growling for a while.

This morning he is happily in my bedroom window watching the birds try to escape this freezing rain coming in.

I'll be happy when he is back to killing my feet again. Funny how I miss not being able to walk through the kitchen.

I'd love to find a holistic vet, but here in Western Ohio farm country that would be difficult. There isn't much here at all. I even have to drive to Indiana just to go shopping. There is only one department store in the whole county!!!
Luckily, this vet doesn't plan on his being on this forever. We're going to try 2 months on it daily then down to every other day and slowly try to wean him off and see how it goes.
Thanks again all!!!
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I'm glad things are going so well. I'm also glad that this new vet seems to be sane!

If you do become interested in the flower essences, you can read about them and order them on line. I also live in a rural area and had to do my research on-line because there weren't any vets around here who had ever heard of holistic treatments for animals.
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