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cat recognition

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I have three maine coon cats one had really bad matts so I took it to the groomers to get shaved and bathed. when I got her home the other two cats freaked out and have been hissing at her like she is some strange cat it has been going on for two days now and I am a little worried does anyone know how to get the other two cats to realize this is the same cat they have been living with for 6 years.
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Her smell has changed and the other 2 don't recognize her right now. Some cats simply figure it out in a short time and some you need to go thru an introduction process as if they have never met.

Here is a great thread on introducing new cats to your household. If yours don't come out of it soon, you might want to try some of these techniques:

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Any time you have a cat at the vets for a day or two they become "strange" when brought home and you get this kind of reaction.

Your cat not only looks different to them, but smells different. Try putting some cornstarch baby powder on everyone or putting a dab of vanilla extract on their noses (all of them)
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I've read that bathing them all in the same shampoo can help. Then they all smell the same.
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True, normally I mention that one, but with the cat recently shaved I didn't want her to wash him
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One of my kitties does that when we take our shihtzu to get groomed! Its kinda funny cos the dog just thinks Joey is playing.
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