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we are looking...

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I am looking for a male himalayan kitten...doesnt matter to me if he is registered...or show quality I only want him for a pet Could anyone give me some pricing information? I live in Virginia my zip is 24333...I am willing to drive a couple of hours maybe more to get him and I have vet references I can give out well one vet reference because they are the only vet I use
Also the kitten doesnt have to be ready to go now just some time in the next few months!


Also thought Id post some information about me and my husband...We dont have children though we want one...It just doesnt seem possible Our animals are our babies!! We have 3 cats 3 dogs and 4 fish. I am currently attending college to become a vet assistant and then moving on to become a Veterinarian. We have a large house with lots of space for our "babies". All my babies are up to date on all shots and all but 3 are fixed right now the 3 that arent will be as soon as they are old enough. If you want to know anything else just ask me!
Here is a pic of my house
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Have you contacted any cat rescues for a himalayan or look alike? Have you checked Petfinder.com? Does it have to be a kitten or can it be an older retired cat (breeding/showing)? Are you willing to go to a cat show and talk to some of the breeders there and place your name on their waiting list?

Here's the website for retired cats (also a lot of them you can check out their cattery for something else available in their kittens.)


Some CFA Virginia breeders (note that Himalayans are considered a division of the Persians now).

As far as pricing, seems most breeders are selling their pets for $400-500 (around that). You'd have to contact the breeders. Some may be more or less depending on their lines.

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oh Thanks so much I would have never thought of retired None were near me at all but I will deffinately keep an eye on that site!
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Where in Virginia are you? (I used to live in Maryland and showed a lot in Virginia). I can pull up CFA/ACFA/TICA show calendars to see what's close so you can visit a show and see what you can find.
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Im in galax va more commonly known as the middle of nowhere!! The zip code here is 24333. Its down in the southwest region
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Ok so over in Roanoke way - would you drive to NC for shows to check out?

Here's some shows in the area:

September 15(L). NC, WINSTON-SALEM: Lawrence Joel Coliseum Complex Annex, 300 Deacon Boulevard. Central Carolina Cat Fanciers. 4AB, 2Spec. Judges: Stevens(AB), Baugh(AB), Rothermel(AB), Miksa-Blackwell(AB), Powell(LH/SH), TBA Britt-Stein(G)(LH/SH). Entry limit 225. Info: Keith Kildow, 4443 Fair Oaks Lane, High Pint, NC 27265. 336-882-8070. Fax 336-882-8072.

October 20-21(P). VA, RICHMOND: Southern Dixie Cat Club. Judges: Sumner, Wilson, Honey, Black, Stevens.

Nov 03(L). VA, HARRISONBURG: Rockingham County Fairgrounds 4808 Valley Pike. Shenandoah Valley Cat Fanciers. 4AB, 2Spec. Judges: Honey(AB), D.J. Thompson(AB), Veach Miksa-Blackwell(AB), Petty(AB), Currle(LH/SH), Black(LH/SH). Entry limit 225. Info: Shirley Peet, 415 Shore Drive, Joppa, MD 21085. 410-679-1873. Fax 610-679-1874. Email: meloncali@comcast.net.

TICA shows:

November 17-18, 2007
Cat-N-Around Feline Fanciers

Jamestown City Lake Gymnasium
602 W. Main Street
Jamestown, NC 27282

James Poole, 919-451-6455, catnaroundfeline@aol.com
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thanks so much...Winston is really close to me about 2 hours from my house If I dont have a college class that day I will drive out there and check it out!!!
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