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What do you think about this organization?

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North American Purebred Cat Registry

Any comments?
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I think it is ok other than the fact it is very easy to register an unregistered cat with them. You do not have to prove anything, they just take your word that you are 100% sure your animal is purbreed. An animal can look 100% purbred and not be purbred. This will make it very easy for sneaky people who do not have purbred animals to past them off as such and then sell the puppies or kittens as purbred and really they aren't.

Just my opinion I guess. Other than that it sounds like a good registry.

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It sounds like a scam to me.

Lately in 'the dog world', many "new" registries have popped up, with deceptive acronyms that copy real registries (several new "CKC"s have popped up, that are not the Canadian Kennel Club), others simply with official sounding names.

These "new" registries make it very easy to register any animal, and also most don't hold any shows or have much function it seems other than to lend legitimacy to what is not, take in money, and help disreputable breeders. This way people can say, oh this cat or dog is registered with so and so, duping the not so informed buyer into thinking it is a purebred when it may not be.

Just my take on it.
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Sorry, but it looks like a major scam! They are depending on individuals to assess the breed of a cat!!

From the NAPC site:

"A purebred cat that does not have registration papers may be registered with the NAPCR. If you are 100% sure of the cats breed, fill out the information you know and write unkown on the places that you do not know. If you are not 100% sure, please send a side view picture with the application."

Sure, send a pic, we'll take a guess at it and your registered!! Oh please! And why would an "official" organization then go on to talk about his 100 pound weight loss????

This is a basement operation.
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Just the idea seems flim-flam!

How can the average person be 100% sure of the breed of their cat, unless they bought it from a reputable breeder...thus eliminating the need for fake papers?

Even rescuers and shelter folks...who see thousands of cats a year, they still identify breeds wrong. I've seen a white cat with nothing more than a blue tabby spot on top of it's head called a Turkish Van. The average person won't know the difference and most won't bother to question it b/c they'll be so proud that they own a 'breed' other than DSH.

This sounds like a way for someone to make some easy money.
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I concur! It sounds like a good way for those people to get your money, and then for other people to pass of other than pure bred animals by saying they are "registered." An inexperienced buyer could be easily taken in by this.
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