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Sick 4.5 month old kitten

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I found a kitten about a block away from my house a few weeks ago. He just bounded right up to us and said "HELLO!!! I LIKE YOU!" He was very sweet and not feral, but a little flea bitten.

So we ended up adopting him. I took him to the vet and got all his vaccinations started, as well as got him tested. He came out negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia. They all talked about how healthy he was and in what great shape and how kind he is for being a stray kitten. I had forgotten the stool sample, so the doc hadn't tested that yet. (I am scheduled to bring it at his 2nd distemper vac).

Anyway, starting last night, Edward (that's his name) vomited up his food. My Almost-Husband said there wasn't anything weird in it, just food. And ever since then he's been really sluggish. He looks like he wants to get up and play, but he just lays around. I have been carrying him over to his food bowl to convince him to eat (he's eating a little now) I mashed up food with some water and some treats in it because I thought he'd like it. At first he would only eat if scooped the food out with a fork little bits at a time and put it in front of him on the floor.

I took him to the vet, (I still didn't have a stool sample because Edward hasn't gone since last night before Almost-Husband cleaned out the box) and they couldn't find anything wrong with him. They didn't do bloodwork, but they took his temperature. The vet gave him fluids (IV) and said to monitor his progress...

He might just have a viral infection/stomach bug or something, but I'm really nervous. Any recommendations? I just got him to eat food out of his bowl about 10 minutes ago, so I feel like that is progress, but I still am carrying him around and wherever I leave him, he just lays there.
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incase it is a tummy bug a good idea is to get some chicken and boil it up, shred it into small pieces and add some boiled rice to it, feed this in small portions and serval times a day for about 2 days. this should help if it is a tummy upset.
i hope he makes a full recovery, please keep us updated.
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Just wanted to let you all know that Edward is all better!

He was still tired last night, but he was walking around and seemed a little more alert. By this morning he was running around and now he's doing one of his regular activities; watching the cursor on the computer screen and trying to get it!

He's so adorable.
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Edward is a cute name, Im so glad he is better. I found a poor little stray kitten too! I havent thought of a great name for him yet.
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I'm glad you like the name!

I usually name cats based on personality first and looks second. I'm sure your new kitten has some fun personality quirks that remind you of someone! That's what I do, my little ones are named after characters, people, or even bands.

Edward ( I think I posted it in my hello post) is named after Edward Scissorhands because he is soooo incredibly trusting, sweet, and a bit naive. Which was interesting for a stray!

Misfit is our all black kitty who is named after the band, The Misfits. Which is exactly what she is.

Porkchop (my big fat orange tabby kitty) was named after a former center lineman with Mississippi State University, "Porkchop" Womack. Porkchop is a big sweet guy, who would totally be the center linekitty for a kitty American Football game!
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im so glad his doing much better, thank you for the update.
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