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Don't blame yourself, Hissy. He was following his instincts to come back to a good home where he was loved.
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Oh Hissy you can't feel that way. He spent the best night he has probably had in a long time inside your home with you last night feeling warm and loved and safe. He is lucky to have found you for that last moment. You should feel glad that you were there for him, when most people would have turned him away obviously and left him outside. You have a huge heart and he was just one of many animals that have benefited from it.

You should cry tonight if you feel like it, and keep talking about it with us here, and soon you'll feel better. We're here with you!
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damn road
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Originally posted by hissy
I feel responsible for him being out there. like he was coming to see me and because of that he is dead now. how crappy this all is. i only got to know him for a few moments of his life. i keep thinking if i had reached him quicker, if i hadn't had a damn flashlight that kept going out, maybe i could of reached him in time, maybe i could of gotten him help instead of watching him get run over and not being able to step out in traffic to protect him.
Oh Hissy!!!

I just got online now and read horrible and heartbreaking. You know, that no matter what I write will not sink through, but you know that the world cannot work on "if's". Everybody has had that in their mind at some point in their be able to do something over.

God, my heart goes out to you. I don't think I can write anything that will help at this moment. Just know that all the support you have every given us through our griefs are here for you 10 fold. You helped me greatly before, I just wish at this moment I had more than the type printed word to share.

Many hugs. And just know that the warmth you shared with Storm was the best he had!

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sorry guys, just trying to work this out in my head, trying to find peace with what transpired. i do not for one minute believe the owner when he told us they were going to give him to us. i think he said it out of guilt. he just came over again and said he hoped i didn't hate him, he really loved his dog and tried to do right by him. what does he want from me absolution? i have none to give. i barely knew this magnificent animal, and it has affected me as if one of my cats had been out there. i don't quite understand the effect on me yet.
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OMG MaryAnne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO sorry I didn't see this sooner!!!!! I wish you had PM'd me or I was just wondering where everyone was, and had no clue this was going on!!!!! I feel so bad for poor Lobo/Storm. but he knew your touch and your love in this world, and that is something very very special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please forgive me for not seeing this sooner.....I am here for you if you need me!!!!!!!!!!!
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Your specialness shines through. It's okay to cry all you want.

You are sad because you cared about him and had hope for a better life for him.
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MaryAnne.... *******HUGS******** You are such an angel with such a huge heart!!!!!! I feel your pain, and I am so sorry!!!!!!!!! This was a terrible thing for you to have seen happen...I wish I could say something to make you feel better. Just know we love you, and it is not your fault!!!!
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Hissy, I am so sorry for your loss. As everyone has said, you just can't blame yourself ~ it wasn't your fault. Because of you that dog learned that there ARE good people, and he knew what it was like to be loved, even if it was only for a short period of time. What better gift could you have given him?

Prayers going out to you...
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Your strong feelings could be a sign of so many things. I'd like to think that his coming to you last night and sudden departure tonight were for a reason. You and Mike had made the decision to keep him after giving him a chance and bringing him in your home. Maybe there is another critter who is going to come into your lives soon and Storm was just there to see how you would react. Maybe someone else needs that place in your home more than he did, since he already had his path laid out. If the owners were lying, then at least he is in a safe place now and will never have to live in fear of his owners again. To him that would be a blessing. He obviously touched you in a big way and maybe it's just him saying thank you for the care you showed to him last night and in general with all your other animals.
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ok, thanks guys, so sorry for the drama. perhaps he came into my life so briefly so i could help his spirit leave this world peacefully. i will quit talking about such a bleak topic now and try to move on. thanks to all of you who responded to this. i know he is a better place- a much better place
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I would hardly call death or strong emotions drama Hissy. Never apologize for your true emotions!!Take the time you need, whether it is to yell, cry, or type!!

Another thought, is when one spirit leaves, another one comes awake. This is in many cultures. As one leaves this earth, people often look to see where the next spirit will reside. My grandmother believed that my great aunt's spirit lives in me (because I was the first born after her death and we have the same birth date). So maybe there is another animal life that will be of greater need?

I believe everything that happens in one's life, happens for a reason. Focus on the positive and go forward from there.
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Oh MaryAnne, that is so sad! I hope you don't keep blaming yourself, as others have pointed out, you gave Storm comfort and care when he didn't have it from anyone else.

Like people, some animals are only in our lives briefly. Storm made an impact on you, and maybe it is so you'll be ready for the next stray that comes along. (As if you wouldn't be anyway.) Apparently you made a big impact on him, too. At least you know you showed him that not all people are hurtful.
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I am so sorry this has happened, but I agree with the others that you shouldn't blame yourself for not getting to this poor dog in time. It's always possible that the dog suffered massive internal injuries and bleeding the first time he was run over even if he didn't have any external marks on him, and was already beyond any help. You did everything you could for the dog and it's so sad that it ended like this.
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Hey gang,

I slept barely at all and am wide awake now. I just had to work it all out. Knowing that there is always a reason behind everything that happens, it is sometimes a puzzle trying to figure out why such things occur. I don't blame myself any longer, there is no point in living with "what ifs" I appreciate those of you who were around to help me grapple with this sad event. He was just such a magnificent beast.
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My heart is breaking for you, Mike and Storm. I wish I could do something for you....this is so horrible.

I am sending all of my warm thoughts your direction. (((((hugs))))
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Dear Hissy,

I haven't been online for a bit so i only just read this started out so nice...with you wanting to give this wonderful dog a loving home... I feel really sad to read how it turned out :-( I am so sorry for you, I just want to wish you all the best, I know how much it hurts to lose an animal you are attached to... You're in my thoughts!

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I have been following this thread. I was sorry to hear about Storm He was very lucky to have found such a great person like you!
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Poor doggie. I don't blame him, for trying to run back to you. If its anyone's fault, though, its the butthead owner. Those kids had to learn to beat that dog, from SOMEONE.
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According to the talk we had earlier today with him, he swears he is not going to get anymore animals. But you know what? I have a feeling he wasn't being straight with me, because in the same breath he said his mother in law has wolf-pups now.
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Hissy -

That is really heartbreaking. It doesn't matter how well you know somebody (person, dog, or otherwise) seeing what you did would be horrible. My heart goes out to you.

I can't belive they would consider getting another pup. Just goes to show some people don't see animals as lives, just property. %#&*!
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I can't belive they would consider getting another pup. Just goes to show some people don't see animals as lives, just property. %#&*!
I totally agree. I know many ppl who wouldn't blink at beating an animal because it's smaller and it's their 'property'.

Hissy, I just read this whole thread through, please accept our sympathies. I totally agree with everyone else, on all of their opinions of what happened. You are a compassionate pet owner and Storm knew this.

Feel good that you were the last one this dog saw before he finally passed on. That's probably why he was coming to you. I also think it was very insensitive of that guy to say he was going to give him to you anyway, did he actually say this over the dog's body? How rude! And then talking to you again is uncalled for. (Did I understand that right? He talked to you again?)

Bless your heart for being the person you are.
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John and I both read this thread last night and our hearts go out to you and Storm. He was a magnificiant animal you deserved better then what he recieved, but for the short time he was with you he knew love, sfety and contentment. That is the greatest gift that you can give to any animal and you gave that gift freely and without reservation. You could have held back so that you wouldn't have been hurt, but you are too giving of a person not to give your all to an animal or a fellow human being. Thank you for being you, because the world would be a darker place without you!
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If Storm was the only pet those people had-he may have initially been attracted to your place because he knew you had pets based on their scent. That told him it was a loving home.

I have the same problem with my next door neighbors. They keep getting animals and neglecting them. Animal control talks to them. They get rid of the pet. Then they turn around and get more.

They now have three more pets after their last set. Thank God they are moving-they did not like the confrontations around here.

To be quite frank, you can't always reason with people. Sometimes they don't have the ability to comprehend and just keep perseverating by repeating inappropriate behavior patterns.

I think you are right on the money with your impression that they will get another pet.

I know you will do everything to have these people monitored if they do get another pet.
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Oh Hissy! I'm so sorry to hear about Storm. The good thing is that you were the last person he saw before he died. He was probably coming back to you for a reason, for love and security and for a home where he would feel wanted. At least he won't have to suffer anymore or be abused. And how horibble for you to see him get run over by cars. You must have been terrified and shocked to see that before your very eyes.

Be strong and know that we are all here for you, if you need us.
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Oh Hissy! I'm so sorry! You shouldn't blame yourself! Those people should have had him on a lead or have been watching him. It's not your fault in the least. They are very irresponcible people for allowing him to wander away like that unsupervised knowing that he would have to cross a road and they knew he was trying to get back to you!
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Do you have a leash law in your town, Hissy? That would be something they could be fined for if there is one.
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I just read this, what happened. HUGS I'm so sorry. I can't add anything to what has already been said. He knew love, and he knew safety and comfort. I'm sure you did give him the best time of his short life.
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I don't know what else to say besides my prayers are with you & I know who he'll be waiting for at the Rainbow Bridge.
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