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We have a night visitor

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It is raining really bad here, high winds etc..I just went out to do the night feeding and coming up the stairs outside was this big creature! At first I thought it was a wolf! Kenai was going off like a rocket inside the house, and all I could think of was that all I had for protection was a flashlight.

Turns out this soaking wet creature is a wolf-hybred. No collar, good weight, but when I went to introduce myself carefully, he hunkered down and trembled- so someone has beat him! I got him coaxed out to the hay barn, fed him, gave him water and fixed him a bed of straw to lie in. Then I closed him in for the night.

I would love to keep him, because whoever he does belong to, is not doing right by him. But, tomorrow I will try and decide the course of action. He sure did scare me though, coming up from the darkness like he did. At least he is safe for the night and will not be getting hit on the road or lost anymore than he already is. I have never seen him before.
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I cant imagine coming across that in the dark night. My cats scare me sometimes in the dark.
It was really nice of you to keep the dog safe for the night. I hope if you do find the owners there is some explanation like a scare that caused the dog to run off and not abuse.
Keep us posted on your new friend.
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What exactly is a wolf-hybred?

I feel soo soo bad for animals that are beaten. They don't understand what is going on and you can't explain it to them. I am way across the country from you, but thank you for giving this animal safe shelter and something to eat It breaks my heart..it does. Someone should take these people out that beat animals and beat THEM.
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Oh Hissy, that is so sweet of you to take him in for the night! I can imagine how startled you were at first!!! I think it is horrible that someone is mistreating him like that!!!! Keep us posted on what what you find out about him.
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Poor thing! Someone probably can't handle a part-wolf dog. Don't they often act more like wolves than dogs? if you want an exotic pet, you should be prepared to treat it correctly, or any pet for that matter. The dog is lucky to have found you.
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Well I just found out he is strong! He just busted down the door of the hay barn and is right now on the back porch wanting inside! My kitties are all freaking, and Kenai is just growling. But Lobo seems quite friendly and thankfully he is to HUGE to get in the cat door, though he did try! I went out and fixed him a bed on the porch and I hope he settles down. I have nowhere safe to keep him, the shop still has a huge hole in it from the last windstorm, so I am hoping he will just stay on the back porch for the night. I feel so bad for him, he is quite friendly for being a wolf-cross. God help me I am such a sucker. We are keeping this beautiful boy. We figure that God had a reason he crossed our threshold tonight. He's in the bedroom with Mike right now.
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Hissy, You are a real sweet person for taking in a stray even for a night. Random acts of kindness are so rare and yet have such an impact on life. You may never see the impact, but trust me it is there!! Keep chipping away at the cruelties of life and someday it just might change.
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What a wonderful you did! From your description, I'd say he definitely has been beaten. If you've not seen him before, maybe he was dumped? Do you near a motorway or something?
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Well this dog is as big as a monster, but he is far from one. He spent the night in the house- and I just let him outside and he is laying on the back porch. He is interested in the cats but he doesn't seem to have the prey instinct. He will not go near running water, and about freaked when I turned the hose on this morning (for the horses) He got a sponge bath of sorts a few minutes ago, and seemed relieved that I had at least tried to remove some of the muck on him. He smells to high heaven! Not that heaven smells, just a saying I grew up with. He is absolutely beautiful and I am 6 feet tall, when he stands next to me he goes past my hip in height!

I did call the sheriff last night to report finding him, and a deputy came out and looked him over (because he gives all indications of being abused) He said he could take him with him and put him in the dog control house but I opted not to do that. So Lobo is here with us now and we will just take it a day at a time and see what happens.
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Those can be great pets. I had a friend that had one when her children were small, and he would stay under the crib. If he knew you, you could look at the babies, but no touching if Mom or Dad was not in the room. He was a huge goofy guy that got along with every other animal they had. He appointed himself guardian of everything on the farm, and would do daily patrols to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be. Are you considering keeping him if he fits in well with your other animals?
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Well as he is laying near my feet right now, I think that is the plan. He did chase the cats this morning, but they were running across the yard and when I told him No sharply, he did quit. He is a friendly cuss, but I wish he had not shown up here. I do not need another animal, but I can't just ignore him or turn him away.
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Hissy, you are an angel! Of course you were keeping him, I didn't need to wait to read your decision. He was abused. You can't tolerate that. If he were wreaking havoc with your other furbabies - well - that would be a different story, but one to which I'm sure you and Mike would find a solution.

But you never know... you may stumble across a perfect home for him. (I mean besides yours!!! LOL!)

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He sounds like a good dog and, being territorial, wolf crosses make good watchdogs. They require some work, though. They have to be taught who the "alpha wolf" is. Neutering goes a long way, towards making them better pets.

Some years ago, they tried to outlaw them, here. Too many people were getting dogs, that they weren't prepared to deal with and a lot of people got hurt. It was like the pit bull issue - inadequate males, trying to promote their masculinity by getting a "bad@&&" dog.
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We were outside with him a little bit ago and he started acting all excited and started whining. I could hear someone calling a name loudly and went out to the front yard and found this family looking for him. I had a long talk with the father about how I suspect he has been abused and that I called the sheriff and reported the abused dog and he swore that they do not beat him! Yeah right! The mother allowed that "maybe" the kids beat him with sticks by accident. He really wanted to go with them and they took him home. I have the address and I will call the sheriff and report that I found the owner and will turn in the address and hopefully the deputy will go out and talk to them about how to treat a dog right.

I didn't want to surrender him, but he was not neglected at all, and he seemed really glad to see their daughter. And after all, he is not my dog, so I did what I could to protect him.
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You really did and you should be comended for that! And you are right, when an animal isn't yours, there IS nothing more you can do except for what you have already done and pray that the dog will be alright!
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How do you "maybe" beat a dog "by accident"? When the dog, finally, has enough and bites one of those kids, the dog will be put down. What kind of people let their kids mistreat a pet?
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People who I call "HOOD RATS" that don't care! That is what kind of people! The sad thing is their kids learn this way of life and take on this attitude when they get older. Hood rats breed hood rats......not the kids fault...they just don't know anything different.
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I agree with Cindy, it sounds like this is a good dog, and I hope the sheriff really does have a talk with that family. If kids are beating the dog by "accident" it is always possible that it's friends of the family's children who are doing this.

When I was growing up my family knew some people who owned a small, very friendly dog who was badly beaten for no reason by a group of strange kids. After that, the dog would still go up to people, but whenever a stranger tryed to pet it, the dog would start trembling really hard and roll onto it's back.
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I think it's wonderful that you took in this dog. But it was beat by "accident"? I find that hard to believe.

I know that there is a sanctuary for wolves (and wolf hybrids) that allows these animals to live in peace, in a natural setting, for their natural lives. A friend of mine plans to go in the future (for her vacation) and volunteer to help out for a few weeks. I can ask her what and where this sanctuary is, and maybe this information can be passed on, to the family or maybe the sheriff, for future consideration?

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Oh I wish we could have seen a picture of this dog! Hissy you did all you could for him, and I hope the sheriff will definitely talk to these people, it sounds like the kids may be abusing him, or maybe it is just the adults blaming it on the kids, but noone beats anything by accident!
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I am glad that you could provide a safe haven for the night for him. He sounded like a sweety. The family seems to care for him if they went searching for him. I hope that they take better care of him in the future! You are an angel for taking him in hissy!
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Laurie, that about says it all. I miss him, he was a cool animal!
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Storm tried to come back just now, I was sitting at the computer when I heard the squeal of brakes and then the hollow thud of an animal geting hit. I went flying out of the house, but by the time I reached the road, he had been hit about four times more. He's dead....he's dead........he's dead......oh god
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Oh god this is too awful.
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oh my god. did the person stop? are you alright?
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there was not a mark on him. mike believes he got run over completely, no blood, he was alive when I reached him, because he was moving his head (and not in the throes of death spasma) but he was in the first lane of traffic and before I could reach him i was on the other side, he got hit four more times and flew farther down the road. i think i screamed because my throat hurts and I rushed to him and grabbed his neck and pulled him out of traffic into the center lane. he was to big for me to pick up and by the time mike got to us with the truck he was clearly dead. the owner just came by and told us that he was going to give him to us tomorrow- he said ever since he left the other night, he had been trying to get back to us, so he and his wife talked about it and decided to surrender him to us. oh god i am going to be sick in my soul i am so damn sad, he was a magnificent creature.
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Oh Hissy! I just read this from beginning to end. You are the best thing that ever happened to that wolf mix.

Was Storm your dog?

You have my sympathy. There is nothing worse than seeing (or hearing) a pet get hit by a car.
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Oh my god hissy. I can't believe you just went through that experience on the road with him. And that the owner showed up and told you that. I am speechless. I am sorry that I don't have better words to comfort you, but my thoughts will definitely be with you and Mike tonight. I try to believe others when they say everything happens for a reason, hard but sometimes it is the only way to cope with something horrible like this.
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my friend who works with wild animals i just talked to her and she said that maybe he wanted to meet me before he died. maybe he needed some reassurance that there was more in the world than what he had been exposed to. as she is part Indian, it may just be mumbo jumbo to my frazzled brain right now. i just want to cry and i can't. i am so numb, i feel responsible for him being out there. like he was coming to see me and because of that he is dead now. how crappy this all is. i only got to know him for a few moments of his life. i keep thinking if i had reached him quicker, if i hadn't had a damn flashlight that kept going out, maybe i could of reached him in time, maybe i could of gotten him help instead of watching him get run over and not being able to step out in traffic to protect him.
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