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I'm Engaged!!

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I just wanted to take a minute to share the news with everyone...Colin and I are engaged!! I'm soo happy! He poped the question on our birthday (the 29th!) it was really sweet. We had spent the day at Hurrican Harbor (the water park at six flags in st. louis) and that night we came back and were going to order in some Chinese food and just watch dinner going to sleep. Or so i thought! Earlier in the month we agreed "no birthday presents" since the trip was our gift to each other. I broke the rule that morning and gave him a gift card and some stuff to use to build the shed he's been wanting to build for a while now. After we got back to the room that night we were sitting on the bed watching CSI (soo romantic) and waiting for our food to get there when he said, "I broke the rule too and got you a birthday present as well" then he pulled out the ring and the rest is history! Aww i'm soo happy! We got back in town late last night from our trip so i'm just now getting around to telling everyone. The ring is beautiful. The diamond came from a ring his aunt bought for his mom back when they lived in Vietnam over 40 years ago. When Colin told his family he was going to propose his mom insisted he use the diamond that had been in their family since it was special to all of them. (i feel really honored that they did that- i know how much that means to them). It's a 1/2 carat diamond in a platinum band. I'll try to borrow my mom's digital camera soon so i can snap a picture. I love it! I was soo happy- i just had to share my good news with everyone!
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Thats wonderful news! Congrats! Now the hard part begins!
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Awwww congrats Im so happy for you. That is really sweet and romantic. I cant wait to see your ring, sounds like alot of thought went into this. You two must really love eachother
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I'm so happy for you, Nikki! Congratulations to both of you!
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YIPPY ... CONGRATEs ... Now I dont have to come and find him..lmao..
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Congratulations Nikki!
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Congrats - hope you two have a long and happy marriage

Remember these rules:

for him: Treat her like a queen and love her like its your last day together.

for you: Treat him like a king and love him like its your last day together
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Originally Posted by Fostermomm View Post
Thats wonderful news! Congrats! Now the hard part begins!
Don't scare her LOL.

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Remember the 2 CC- Communication & Compromise, master these two words and you'll do just fine. Have you set on the date yet?
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Congrats! That's fantastic news!
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Congratulations, Nikki! I'm glad to hear Colin's finally come to his senses.
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Congratulations!!!! Thats excellent news!
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Well congratulations on your engagement Nikki....may you fall more and more in love even after you are married.....and may you have many, many happy years together.
Good , happ, and long marriages are still possible today. (I speak from 41 years of experience with the same hubby....and they said ours would never last because we were too young!)
Best wishes to you both!
I too am anxious to see the special ring!
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WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That's absolutely fabulous news, congratulations!!

That's fantastic that the diamond is a family heirloom, it makes it so much more special when there's a story behind it, and that his mum wanted you to have it
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that's fantastic news! congrats
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Congratulations Nikki!
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I'm so happy for you. I remember how excited I was. Good luck with planning everything.
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Aw, Nikki, that's just wonderful news! I think we all admire the sweet relationship you and Colin have... you really deserve each other, and I wish you many, many decades of joy!
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Have fun and we will have to compare wedding plans

Now we have to get John to propose to Kenz and we'll be set...no more waiting for the ring thread for us!
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¡a we!

Congratulations Nikki!!!!

Many Good wishes on you way!!!
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Congratulations Nikki!!! You must be on cloud 9 right now! That is so cool how he did it and surprised you!! You would have been expecting it for Christmas!!

And the ring ...what a thoughtful thing to know that its apart of his family to you!! Awwww Nikki, Im so happy for you!!!
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How very special...I am so happy for you, and look forward to seeing a picture of your ring
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It's about time!
Congrats & Happy Belated.
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I hope you are as happy in your marriage as my husband and I are, and have many, many happy years together!

Sending you best wishes,

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