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Worried Grandma !

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My cat Huni had her litter of 5 kittens 12 days ago.
So far she has been a great mum to them, and done evrything just right.
But the last couple of days, she has started to jump in the box when they dont need her and wake them up by franticly licking them. and sometimes she gets carried away and gets a bit rough with them. It looks like she is biting them. I dont like it....it worries me..should I stop her? Does she think they are toys to play with now?
Words of comfort or wisdom please.
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The kittens are almost 2 weeks old; maybe she's trying to get them more active. Are the kittens squealing when she does this or do they kinda swat back.

Sounds like pretty normal behavior to me. BTW you have a very colorful and cute litter of kittens there
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Sounds normal to me....and by the looks of that darling picture she appears to be a very contented and loving mommy!
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Thanks Guys - no there's not much reaction from the kitties.
Maybe there is nothing to worry about then.
She does seem very loving mostly...!

Thank you
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What can I do to help with the little guys that have sticky eyes?
I have tried with cotton stick and water, but the next day its stuck shut again.........keep trying i suppose.

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If its thick sticky they may have some infection. If in doubt call your vet and take them in for a check. But they will be sticky for a few days when first opening.
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The kittens are still feeding with Huni.
Showed no interest in real food yet.
We have had 3 accidents on the carpet so far.
We had a litter tray in the same room, to save Huni a walk down the stairs.
But the kittens started climbing in and trying ti eat it.......lol
So what to do now......
Any ideas
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Huni's kittens are nearly 12 weeks old now.
3 have moved onto thier new homes, but we decided to keep two with huni.
All of a sudden during the last couple of days, Huni and Jinj (the ginger tom) have not been geeting along......they spit and growl had have become cross with each other....why.......she has been a wonderful mum up to now - now she is spioling it. It is so upsetting, we have to keep separating them.
And ideas please....??

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I am not an expert, but have had many cats (grew up on a dairy farm.. 100's of cats/kittens in my life ) As far as the food goes... i usually try and have the kittens eat wet food first, and sometimes I just have to put there little faces right in it so they lick it off, same with milk (lucky kitties being on a farm). They will eventually decide to be tired of mom or vise versa. As far as the mom and male cat,,, my only guess would be is she might think that the male cat might try and hurt them and they are too young to defend themselves - I remember watching a show on cats how male cats are territorial with their female(s) and are known to kill litters so they are the only male. But that is just a guess. Good luck
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