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Becoming too demanding?

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I was feeding my bottle babies every 3 hours, and they'd eat approximately 1 ounce each at every feeding. So that was 8 ounces a day, approximately... sometimes they'd eat a little more, sometimes a little less. I've only had them since Sunday, but just today they've becoming extremely demanding. Now they scream to eat every 2 hours (sometimes less) and are eating 2 ounces each per feeding. I'm already going to have to go get another can of KMR because it's a half empty and I just opened it yesterday (the woman that was feeding them before gave me what she had left which held me over until then. They're gaining weight well (obviously!). Does anyone think maybe something is wrong and we need a trip to the vet or are they just becoming spoiled and demanding? And should I give in to their cries to eat every 1 1/2-2 hours?
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I would just give it to them whenever they want it. My four are begging to eat every 2 hours instead of 3 1/2 now. So thats when I feed them. When they wake up and get loud they get fed. Of course all my bottle babies are usually chunky monkeys. LOL
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maybe do more feedings but reduce the amount so split what ever amount they should be taking (maybe add to that) and feed less but more often? you have a house full at the moment so they might be craving the attention a little more. i cant remember how old they are? but it could be they need worming aswell.
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Maybe it's that they're going through a growth spurt and need more right now? I'd let them eat as much as they want... I'm not sure that the guidelines for how much to feed is supposed to top out.. my guess is it's okay if they eat more, just a heads up if they eat less.

That being said I don't know if any type of illness would cause them to eat more or not. If you have a vet who's seen them, then I'd put a call in just to ask what the opinion on it is.

Good luck!
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